Sunday, October 22, 2006

It is a go~~~

Well I went up to Newport last Tuesday (10-17) and had a meeting with the administrator of the college, filled out my paper work (Pell grant stuff) and got a tour of the place. It is very nice.
I got a letter back on Friday, and I am not elligable for a grant, however I am elligable for a loan. The program costs $4800.00 and I can get $4200.00 the letter said there would be a out of pocket cost of $415.00 ok so the math doesn't work, but we will get it figured out.
Girls I am going to do this. And I can't even begin to tell ya how excited I am. My classes start on January 8th. With an orentation on the 3rd. So as of the new year I will be starting a new chapter in my life. And at almost 40 it feels pretty strange, but in a good way.
Part of my admissions packet is I have to interview 3 seperate people in the nail tech industry, and after interviewing my first one, I found out that I will be making double what I made full time where I am at now. And that was after expences were met. (and I figured pretty high on those) So again I am pretty excited about this.
So anyhow I just wanted to update ya all on this....Diz doing the dance here, LOL. :D

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I have news....

Not huge news or anything but news and I just need to get it out before I explode, lol. I called my sister last week (did I mention there is a college 15 minutes from her home?) I can't remember but anyways, we talked for like 3 hours, wow huh and I asked her if she would talk with her hubby, and see if it would be ok for me to stay with them Monday through Friday so I could go to this school, and she and hubby said it was cool with them, and then she called the college and made an appointment for me to go in and check things out, and get my paper work going ie see if I am ellligable for a Pell grant. If the Pell grant doesn't work, I will take a loan out and use my retirement to start paying that off after I am done, so girls what started out a "just a dream" more than likely will be a reality. My plan is to start in January, and be done in April.
OMG I am just in complete shock that I am really going to do this.
Only draw back (and it is a biggie) I will have to leave my family during the week...It is a hard thing to think about...and to be honest I am feeling guilty, but I feel I have to do this. I can not stay where I am at. I don't know, (insert doubt here) anyways, now I need to figure out what to wear to something like this...hmmmm, oh well, I guess I will get it all figured out. LOL, hey wish me luck I will need it. :D

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