Saturday, September 30, 2006

Just a tiny update~~

I went to the Doctor's yesterday, and things are progressing well...I have only lost 8 pounds(kind of a bummer as I wanted to lose more) however, my cholesterol is down by 15% pretty good I think. And the best part of all this is I feel so much better, who knows maybe for me it was just a matter of finding the right foods therefore getting the right vitamins, and nutrients....In any case I have been feeling prety great for the last few days~~~ but I also only worked 5 hours in the last week, could there be a connetion~~HHHHHMMMMM gunna have to think on this awhile.
Work front, well it is about the SSDD kinda thing, it feels as if they only want me there when they can use me, and stupid thing is I am letting them, but I guess fear is holding me back from finding another job (at least that is what I think it is) I really don't know. Ok gunna have to think on that too, goodness so much to think on so little time LOL ;)
Terri, girl I miss you and have been thinking about you alot this week, ((((HUGS)))) girl, and if you need anything shoot me an email, I can call ya now if you want or need. Remember I am always here for you.
UMM, well I can't think of anything else to tell ya except hang in there people, and don't forget I love hearing from ya!! :)

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