Sunday, August 20, 2006

Been ages huh?

Ok so 6 months worth of a post here~~Prolly gunna be long, but *giggle* that is ok. Sorry to not have kept up with this...but ya know how things go.

Anyhow to start off: My heartfelt congratulations go out to Patty, and Janis~~Wow, girls I am so glad you found happiness. (yes, I have been reading)

I have a few things of interest on my homefront here: First and foremost is I finally found a job I would like to do I want to become a Nail Tech, you know the lady that does you manicures and pedicures, we have opened up a couple of Day Spas here, and I just love the atmosphere~~would be sooo calming at least I think it would and if you take into consideration of where I work now, BIG DIFFERENCE! I need cash though, $4000.00 worth. I could do my training on weekends, not losing income, and just hopefully slide right into a new career. Any ideas of where I can get that kind of cash?? I don't think I would be able to get a grant or scholership (as don't they normally go by "household income" mine is the pits but hubby's is pretty good) anyhow ideas would be great. :D I am really wanting this bad, I just don't know how to get there. And you know if feels great to finally have a goal~~just for me, which goes into my other news: I have been in thearapy for the last 4 months or is working wonders in my outlook on life. If interested it is called The Work by Byron Katie just type in your search engine and you can and it is a wonderful way of looking at stress, problems, has finally alowed my to free myself of some of my "baggage"

And speaking of "baggage" LOL I am working on that also, the physical kind, Last Wednesday I stared the South Beach Diet, reccomended by my Doc. UMMM sad new here, my brother had a heart attack, at 41(only 2 years older than me)it made me realize that I NEED TO CHANGE MY LIFESTYLE!!! oh btw he is fine, but is now having to watch his diet and stuff.

Those are the three major changes in my life, and I tell ya I feel great!! :D Anyhow I hope to hear back from you guys once in awhile, I miss gabbin with you guys.

((((BIG HUGS TO ALL)))))

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