Saturday, January 28, 2006


Well I am still haning in here. Not much to post about lately, this is the reason I haven't posted. Today, I just wanted to say hello, and let ya all know things are doing pretty good around here. Busy, busy, busy. Got lots of hours at work last week, and next week headed for more, which is good, as I need the money. I got offered a 3rd position. What this means is I am a 3rd person in the classroom. Only problem is it is only 15 hrs a week, and I just can't swing that. Now I know I am not guarenteed any more than 7 a week where I am at, but most weeks I get way more than 15...and honestly I can't see myself locked in for that few of hours...(did that make sence??) It was very nice to be asked though.
Plays have been going on again, lol seems that is our life though. The kids got all involved in Narnia...with sunday being the last has done well, and sold out most sunday's. Joe and I start production of Hansel and Gretel, Feb 4th is audtions....let's hope we can "work" together. LOL, we should be able to, although I don't know this is our "creative bugs" possibly clashing, again LOL, we will see. I am also thinking about having the board read 2 other plays I want to do for next year, more info later...if the board reads, and accepts them...they are VERY interesting IMO, and will be fun. (hopefully) :)
UUUMMM let's see, the kids are fine, tired mostly due from working on the plays ect....Amanda had a couple of issues for the last week or so, but we are working on it, as usual. Brandon is fine, quite but fine. The dang boy has grown so much, I am afraid I will never be able to feed him enough....LMAO typical boy child first thing he does when gets home is hang on the fridge door. it is funny. BTW he only has an inch or so till he is as tall as his dad, and all I can say is HA HA HA!! As they are both taller than me (by a long way) it is about time hubby looked one of them in the eye, or chest...hehehehehe!!!
Life here is pretty good, busy but good. Not sleeping very well AGAIN, but that is me I guess, so I am not going to worry about it!!
Hope things are going well with all of you!! If not you know where to find me!!!


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Monday, January 16, 2006

Meme~~I sure hope I did it right

I was picked by Terri to do my own meme,
Here it is:

4 Jobs you have had:
Waitress @ Wells Creek Inn
Cashier @ 7-11
Instructional Assistant @ Sunny Hill School
Stay at home Mommy

4 Movies you could watch over and over:
Pretty Woman
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
Steel Magnolias
Just Married

4 Places you have lived:
Pacific Grove CA
Portland OR
Coos Bay OR
North Bend OR

4 TV Shows you like to watch:
Trading Spaces
While you were out
VH1 Behind the music (do they do that show anymore?)

4 Places you have been on vacation:
Buffalo and Syracuse NY
Yosemite CA
Seward AK
Various places in OR (camping)

4 Websites you visit daily:
Def leppard official site
SOL (or whatever they call it now)
Richard Simmons (no laughing he is inspirational)

4 of your favorite foods:
BBQ Ribs
Hubby’s BBQ Chicken

4 places you’d rather be:
The beach (with sunshine)
The lake (with sunshine)
With my family (if you knew how much they were gone anymore you would understand)
Visiting friends long distance (I learned a couple of years ago, that this is really fun!!!)

4 albums you can’t live without:
Def Leppards Slang
Def Leppards Adreanalized
Shania Twains Come on over
Cheryl Crow Greatest Hits

4 other things you can’t live without:

4 People to pass this meme to:

I too like Terri, wish you luck
Good luck!!

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Monday, January 09, 2006

Just checkin in, new stuff ect....

Well, new years came and went..LMAO we ended up going to a friends house, with the intent of drinking...G/F and I ran out of liquor AFTER we had started no run to the store or my house where of course I had over half a bottle...course that was not what was suppose to happen, but I guess that is ok too. Had a very good time. With the extra bonus of no hang over the next day.

Resolutions, well I don't know IF I actually believe in them, but I do want to try and be more positive this year, not always so down in the dumps...I watched someone very close to me be that way at christmas, and something clicked, and I said "NO MORE" I mean if the very worst happens How do I want people to remember me... being a yucky down person...NOPE!! So I am trying. some days are better than But for today I have a smile, and it has been there all day wooohoooo!!!

Anyhow been working everyday since I got back from Christmas break...good check coming up, which will be good seeing as I need to come up with the money for Joey's Valentine's Present....I will till ya ONLY if you don't laugh at me. You have to remember that we got together in 84 so as with every couple back then Air Supply was big(well maybe not every other couple)....well they are coming here, and I got tickets to go see remember no laughing. I thought this was very romantic on my part seeing as we did all our firsts to that particular band: first dance, first errr ummm ;) LMAO ect.....and played them at our wedding...ok I know...but well ya know :)Hehehehe Anyhow it should be fun, or different anyways.

Well, not much else to tell ya. I hope all of you are well, and good. (((HUGS))))

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