Thursday, August 25, 2005

Been gone for a bit, but things are well~~

And a special thanks to each and everyone of you who put in a wish or prayer for me, and my friends mom!! (((HUGS)))) to ya guys, gosh what would I do without ya? Let's hope never to find out!!

Went school clothes shopping today, gosh it is hard to shop for and with boys.....I love my son AKA Stick-boy, but geeeez is he ever a grouch when shopping. GGGRRR, but we did find him clothes. I would seriously like to know when this baggy-ass pants look is gunna EVER be over with?? any ideas, cause I swear I am sick of seeing my sons boxers, I mean really I had to see that kind of stuff when he was little, I sure don't want to see it now. (Ok sorry little rant there lol)

Amanda did well, course I always have an easier time of it with her, ya know she is so itty bitty that everything looks good on her. LOL, I would hate her if she weren't my daughter. I swear. So tomorrow is registration for them. This will be good I think to get them back in school. OOOHHH we got good news today, Amanda did make it to her Junior year, and yes we were sweating it. So YIIIIPPEEEE for her.

So alls we need is a quick stop at wally-world for socks, undies, and school supplies, and we will be done.

This coming up weekend my mom comes in for another visit, this time to see Brandon's play, and btw that is going sooo well!! :) Although watching a play about "true friendship" may be hard, but oh well, guess I will just have to take some tissue huh?

Will be great to see mom, although I am sure we will have to hash things out about my friend, and now my sister and I are sorta fighting, (rolley eyed dude here) guess things never change huh? LOL. We will get over it I am sure.

Other than that I am doing pretty well, had ALOT of headaches this last week, don't now maybe I am reading (escaping) too much course without my glasses. Or it is stress who the hell knows right?

Well take it easy guys, and ((((HUGS)))) to ya!!

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Gettin' on with it~~

Well, thanks to good friends, and family I am feeling better about my situation. Today, I went to see my friend's mom, and she is doing alot better than I thought, so I am relieved about that. :) I love that lady like another mother. My friend wouldn't want me to be wallowing in it, so as of tonight I have decided that it is ok to feel bad, but not ok not to live. I know now that she always loved me, and knew that I loved her. I can't take responsibility for the bad choices she made. I can't save the world...only my small little world here can I change or affect, and I am no good if I am wallowing in self pitty. so with a new resolve to "get on with it" I will be getting up, dressed, and no more sleeping just cause. Depression will not solve anything or bring my friend back. Know my friends that I am here if you ever need anything, and that I love each and everyone of you. If I didn't learn anything in the last 3 days it is this: I need to say I love you more often, and I need to listen more often, and just be happy more often. Thanks again for listening to my muddled thoughts, I promise they will get better.
:) <~~~See a smile for each and everyone of you!!

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

And now a dose of reality~~~

came crashing into my life this morning at about 10am...I learned that my childhood friend has died. I met this woman when I was six and her and I were inseperable from then until I moved to our neighboring town my sophmore year in highschool. We grew up together, her mom is like my second mother, most weekends I spent at their house. After I moved away her and I didn't see each other much, and pretty soon after that she started a downward sprial into drugs. SIIIIGH, what a fucking waste!!! We had the oportunity to speak occasionally as adults, but not enough. Right now I am feeling so weird, I mean I guess I never thought. I guess I just live in my own little insulated bubble ya know? I just can't believe I will never get the chance to tell her how important she was to me, how much she brought to my life. Ya know? I am so tired of everything being so dang sad all the time, seems like everytime I turn around something else hits....Lord growing up gets pretty damn tough sometime. But then again I guess no one said it was going to be easy huh?

If I sound funky sorry, but I am writting this to get it out, this is my therapy. I have never delt with death, this close before...sure I had grand parents pass away, but never anyone so close to me. Not to mention her age. I know some out there may think she deserved it, but I tell ya I can't for the life of me understand why she did this to herself, I just don't get it, as kids she seemed to have alot...and then all the sudden she was drawn into this really dark ugly always seemed that she was running from some demond, and you know today I thought well honey if you are running at least maybe now you can be free of the pain that hurt you so deeply that you could never love yourself. Cause I honestly think all she was ever looking for was love, and you know as her best friend why couldn't I stop her??? Well I guess those are usless questions, questions only her and God know.

SIIIIGH, Thanks for listening, and yes I will be ok, I don't have any other way to be. I do ask prayers for her mother though. She is a wonderful lady who this will hurt deeply. thanks in advance. Hey did I tell ya I love ya all!!!! ((((HUGS)))))

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What is new new in my world~~

Well let's see now, HHHMMM well basically it is SDDS around here. Work is well work and not much is changing there, although I did go in for a meeting last week. It didn't go well....but I think I got my point across, then again maybe not. Ok, so I tell them, ya know as of Sept. IF I am not hired on permanantly I will not be working on call, period, so yesterday a Teacher askes if I can work in Oct. LMAO well that just shows how well I am listened to. Seriously although I don't have a plan yet, I will not do this for another year and watch my bills continue to stack up...even IF I have to take a pay cut maybe I can at least work with something regular. And no I really don't have a plan yet...I just know that I am leaving if something doesn't come up in "the great shuffle" I know you all have heard this before, but I guess the more I say it, it should come true..right?

Joe is doing very good, his play has sold out twice, now this is just the start of the 3rd week, and to have it already sold out in the first two weeks is almost unheard of.....Pat Joey on the back cause all of his hard work paid off...and truth be told it is a GREAT play, and no it is not just cause he is one of the directors honest it is wonderful.

Now it is on to the next play~~Ok so Brandon wanted to Assistant Direct, and well someone on the board had a problem with his age or rather someone his age being an Assistant Director. HHMMM this person doesn't EVEN know my son, I was a bit irked but then again knowing the director, it would have been hard for him. So Joe said he would Assistant Direct and Brandon can be "Assistant Director in training" the play (now hold on here I think it is not a play I would do, but it passed the vote) The Elephant Man...ok again whatever, I wouldn't have done it. But Brandon wanted to do yep that is right they are Back in the saddle again, with this one coming out in October...HHHMMMM I have no idea how this one will fly. But, then again who knows right? LOL I was asked to be in it...but I passed, it seems that I have been doing something with a play for a loooong time, and I am tired. I did tell the director that "IF" I get bored I will do make up or something like that...but I really doubt it, I kinda want a life outside the theatre.

Now news about Amanda, well she is doing pretty good. At least I think so. Her boyfriend of 11 months broke up with her. And well, I thought it was gunna be "bigger" to her. She seems fine, although I bit confussed about it all. OHHHH to be 16 again. God I would hate that. You know the feeling of confussion about life, love and all that. Poor thing she just wants someone to be with. I don't know it is hard for me to counsel her on this as I found my "soul-mate" at her age and no matter what I say, I think deep down she thinks it will happen for her early in life, I don't really want it to....cause I want her to live a bit more than I did. or rather ALOT more than I did. But I think she is a romantic, siiiiiigh. Again I say I woudn't change places with her for anything. I couldn't take it. You know the self doubt, and all that teens live with. Anyhow I think she is going to be fine, and I sure hope this gives her the opportunity to be "Just Amanda" you know find herself, not herself connected to a guy...cross fingers guys please. I want her to be happy but I don't want that happiness to depend on a it seems to be that way for her. Oh well we will weather this storm too. School starts pretty soon, and I hope it is a GREAT year for them...hey did I tell ya I now have to High-schoolers, lord that makes me feel OLD!! LOL.

Well gals that is about it in my corner, hope all of you have a great day!!! ((((HUGS))))

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

So I got a question~~~

Does anyone know what this Hi5 thingy is, and how it works. Is this what people are doing instead of blogs, and or message boards?? Ok that is more than one question, but some help, or information would be nice. Anyone?

Other than that things are going pretty well here, I have been home all week, and well ya know it is pretty good that is until I see this paycheck...:) Anyhow I hope all is going well with you guys, and I hope to get together and talk with at least one of ya pretty soon. I am about ready to give up on the internet thing here. :(
((((HUGS)))) to all!

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

All is well here~~

Well Charlotte's Web opened last night, and the boys came home last night and said it went very well!! I went to dress rehearsal at this particular theartre they offer a "free to the public" dress rehearsal, and it was VERY GOOD!! Joey was just beaming all that work has paid off. :) Congrats to that hubby of mine!! Now maybe we can relax and have a life. Ya think?? hehehe.

Amanda's b/f came back after vacation, and she is happy. She is planning on going over to see him today.

As for me, I have just come off of working a full week, wow. I still can't get used to now I am not schelduled till friday. so of course I will get all relaxed and then go back in a major way. Although I have come to the conclusion that IF I don't get something full time/permanent in September when the "suffle" goes on, I will have to leave...I can't do this anymore. Not only financially is it killing us, but physically I can't get used to working then not...ya know my body has no idea what hours I am gunna put in. I will be sad to see it go....but hey did I mention the school that is right up by my house (about a 1/2 mile up the road) is suppose to be opening up into a pre-school/daycare/after school program.....WOOOOOHOOOOO I think I will apply there and see what happens. That my friends would be soooo cool. Funny thing is when I first went back to work after my children were born, I started at that school, so I personally think that would be way cool. So we will just have to wait and see. You know how good I am on patience....LMAO!

Well the sunburn has now turned to MAJOR peeling, I swear it is so gross, LOL....but lesson well learned USE SUNSCREEN about...ohhhh 50 times a day right? God I itch so bad!!

Well, I guess that is about it for me today...I hope you all had a nice week, and have a great weekend as well!!!!


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Monday, August 01, 2005

Back from our little excursion~~~

AAAHHHH, nice to be home...with elecrical stuff. Ya know I love camping, but I do miss "normal" coffee, baths, TV, and yes MY COMPUTER!! HEHEHEHE.

We had a great time, I am crisp though, HHHMMMM word of advice, don't get the spray sunblock, I got it...and I think someone sprayed my back early on in the day but it is still crisp no more like charred, can't wear a aint that gunna be pretty at work(for those of you who don't know me, or haven't seen me I am one of "the bigger gals who can't go braless"I wonder what comments 3-5 year olds are gunna come up with if Teacher Liz goes free and easy LMAO this should be good. I know for a fact my eerrr front was sprayed at least 3-4 times with the stuff, but nope "the girls" are still rather red. But nothing compaired to my back, OUCH is all I can say!!! But even after that we still had a good time. I love camping, one gets to eat, rest, go swimming, and guess what sleep/rest more!!! Only to wake up and figure out what to eat again!!! HEHEHEHE my kind of life. :)

Brandon was quite the fisherman, catching 5 nice sized rainbow trout, that he and Joe gets to eat. Cause I don't eat the stuff. But they sure like it. And good for them :) Sitting round the campfire is nice too, for some reason staring at one object (the fire) is relaxing, and very soothing...ooohhhh until the wind changes and your eyes water, and you are engulfed in smoke....hehehe cough, sputter. LOL, but I do still like it, kinda a race to see if you can hold your breath longer than the wind can shift again. Nothing smells better than being all smoked. heheheh even after a shower, you still smell like the fire. I am rambling, sorry. I didn't do much camping as a kid, matter of fact, I think we had one trip. But Joe and I have always gone camping through out our years together. We now cheat and sleep in a camper, it is pretty old, but it works better than the ground. We used to tent it when we were ALOT younger and our back could handle it better. LOL, now we cheat, but still get the experience. OHHH and why does breakfast ALWAYS taste better when one is camping? I have no idea but I did an egg scramble, that was wonderful!! YUMMMMMY!!! Must be the fresh air. HUH?

Anyhow, I don't know IF I posted about that other job I looked into last week, but I think NO. I am a teacher not a babysitter, and it just seemed to me that that was one big babysitting thing, just in a different building. So I really need to be polite and call her and say thanks, but no thanks.

Joe starts tech week, also known in theatre as "hell week" the last week before preformance. And it get really no REALLY tense. Cross fingers for him that all works well. And he is coming down with a cold...poor guy. I hope he can make it through without getting really sick. I guess I will just have to take extra good care of him.

Well guys I hope the weekend went well for all of you~~hope to see ya round!!
Love and ((((HUGS)))

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