Sunday, June 05, 2005

The apple (or the nut) doesn't fall for from the tree.....

So last night was Brandon's big celebration....we had a great time. More important SO DID HE!! We walk into the dance and there he is, rockin out....hehehehe He even told us he had started one of the 4 moshes going on there...LMAO he is so funny. Only bad thing is he looked way to old all dressed up, compleate with a tie....all in black, what was the song: "Every girl's crazy bout a sharp dressed man." Well, I am going to be in soooo much trouble with this child. LOL, sorry a bit of materinal pride there. I don't know, every so often I look at my kids and think: How did I do that?!? they are so beautiful (on the inside too) brings me smiles!!

So while the kids were off at their party, we went to our casino, and our friend won 1,100 COOL HUH? Sure wish it could have been us, but at least someone on out party won big!! Woooohoooo!! Dinner was great last night, our one and only italian place, and of course it was great....and no I didn't count calories. LOL

So then after the dance, the boys were know adreanalian so we said they could come over to our house after...I swear they stayed up almost all night, I have no idea what time I drifted off, but I swear I could still here them talking and laughing....they are worse than girls...LOL

Oh yeah I made my decision about the play: I am going to do "We the People" and then just be part of the Stage Crew for Charlottes Web....I really wanted to do an adult play so that is why I choose it. yesterday I went in for practice, and of course we were working on the music.....I am like, EERRR OK, this is gunna be REAL fun...LOL, boy will I have to "really act" to pretend I am comfortable with singing....ok can I ask WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING!! LOL, no really I think if I just relax and have fun it will hey wish me luck, or break a leg, or whatever....Tal, Patty thanks for your guys are sooo cool!!

Ok folks that's all, or I guess that should read: "That's all folks" HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

What to do??

Well last night I was at play practice for Charlotte's Web, I am sitting there minding my own business, when one of the other directors walks out and sing songs~~"Ohhh Liz, can I talk with you?" I am like "Ok, am I in trouble?" So out he comes with it, he asked me if I would be willing to be in their play that opens in 3 weeks, a musical....EEERRRR UUMMMM I DON'T SING! Period (as Terri knows, I have a terrible voice, and am very no VERY Self concious about it!!) But I don't have to really sing, well in the chorus I do..but that is with other people. YIKES, can I learn these lines too, as this is a real cute play...and a great point about it: It is not a childrens production, so I would be working with adults, seasoned ones at that.

There is also a part in it for Amanda~~which she has now decided to give up choir too...which makes outside interest to equal 1~~Her boyfriend, not good I I am hoping she will be able to swing this. I am thinking If she does it I will to.

Now I have two options here 1) I can do both plays, YIKES learning 2 different sets of lines, or 2) Do just either one. HHHMMMM Ohhh what to do?? What ya think guys??

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