Tuesday, April 26, 2005

hello, and a good morning~~

So Wednesday, I did do the pedicure...lol I don't know if it kept me on track of all the stuff I gotta do, but my feet did look pretty. I will do another one tomorrow, or maybe even today. I was suppose to go into work, but they cancled....whatever...I guess I didn't need the 7 hour shift, ya know I am so damn rich...LMAO. But that is ok, cause today is my bestest buds birthday....so her and I will poke about town today instead of work...I am not sure of the kind of trouble we will get into but I bet we will have a good day.
Prom for Amanda went GREAT!! :) she looked beautiful(although IMO waaaaay to grown up) and the funny thing is since Prom she has been ALOT more helpful around here...doing stuff without being asked, and stuff. She even cooked breakfast on sunday for us, compleate with dishing up our plates and everything...I walked into the kitchen, to my waffle fixed with applesause (a way to cut calories, and make them a bit more nutritious) LMAO, so she kept me honest cause I was prolly gunna use butter and syrup that day. Then for lunch that day, she made her dad sandwiches, and took them outside to him, without even being asked...this work stuff has included doing laundry, even yesterday folding it.....I am scratching my head...and thinking "OOOHHH IF EVERY DAY COULD BE PROM DAY" I don't know, I think she is just feeling good or something. We had a bit of a discussion about her eating habbits, she has lost weight, and THAT is not good. Don't know if any of you know but she is very thin, has always been, and well she was just not eating...not a good thing at all....I was/am very concerned, as I really don't need another dissorder, but I will also fight THAT if need be. So that could be the reason for the extra energy....since saturday, she is back to eating. Some of the problme is her meds make her nausious(spelling boo-boo sorry) that, and being picky...oh well, she doesn't know how stuborn her mother can be, I will keep her strong and healthy at ANY COST!!!
Boy child seems a bit moody lately...don't know what is up with that...he has taken a real interest in "making money" wants a job and all that...I have told him he can do yard work, and make a pretty good bit of spending money....we will see if that works out. So far he made $20.00 over last weekend, and has kept most of it. Him and I went tennis shoe shopping yesterday..I needed a good pair of exercize/work shoes....got some L.A. Gears for $20.00 and wore them last night for our work out, and man oh man what a difference a good pair of shoes make....woooohoooo, only problem is I wanted/needed high tops, and of course they are out of fashion...oh well, these will do nicely, as my ankles didn't hurt, nor did my feet. They are lower than normal high tops, but seem to do the trick. Had a problem with foot pain last week, that almost sent me into the docs...I think it was my old tennis shoes.....cause after a work out last night in the new ones, they didn't hurt that and not wearing old ones, so in the trash they go. I prolly will never go to wally world or pay-less for shoes again these are so comfy!!!
Hey I lost another pound so I am at a total of 13lbs. since the first of January, and I am starting to really note a difference in the way my body looks. My tummy is shrinking, slowly, but shrinking none the less....last week I got into a pair of my "old-tight" stretch denim....wooooohoooo, and they are even a bit baggy in the thighs. I have no idea what I am gunna do for clothes here pretty quick, but oh well, cause I have at least 4-6 more sizes to go...and I am not buying new clothes at each size, HHHMMMM this could get spendy, oh well. I think I am also gunna add, 20 min. a day on a exercize bike(when I find one) and try for a 10-30 minute abdomanal workout, lord knows I have the tapes I just gotta find the time. Also my membership to the gym is still good, and my other friend has invited me to go with her to the gym anytime she goes, so this will add varity to my exercize routines, which lord knows I need!!
All is pretty well here, so I will close this with a BIG (((((HUG))))) to all!! Take care, and luvs to ya~~~:) :) :) :)

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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Odds and ends stuff~~

Whew, the week is finally over...worked my hiney off. Back up to almost 40hrs. again. Wow, I am eating my words now. LMAO. I am also pre-booked until the end of May, with most weeks looking like this last week. I guess I just wasn't patient enough. I wanted hours I now have them. LOL, but like I said earlier, the money will be nice. AND a semi-stable scheldule will also be nice. So as far as work all is good.

On the home front, all is pretty good too...kids are getting over the crud they had. Man that stuff was nasty, it laid Brandon out for 3 days straight. Alls he did was sleep, and that is not like him. Amanda of course got it too...she is still sniffiling and snorkaling. So my bad...she stayed home thursday and the of course "got better" just in time for her shopping trip on thursday night...I swear I don't know what to do with this kid......I tell her, "if you are too sick to go to school, you are too sick to go on the shopping trip." Of course I get, "I know mom." Then by thursday night she is "Better" siiiiigh, I am a bad mom, of course I let her go....as I am soooo tired of fighting with her. Please don't tell me what a bad mom I am...I know it. :( She has me (for lack of a better term here) by the balls and she knows it....SIIIIGH!!

UUMMM, I got a question for the people who do actually read my blog here.....When surfing around blog-land, I read your blogs, and comment occasionally...but for some odd reason when I close haloscan, it closes down my whole screen...and I have to go back in and resign in to yahoo.(that could be the reason I don't reply to some of you) anyone know why this would do this, and what I need to do to fix it?? Any help would be appreciated...thanks in advance.

Well that is about it, cept well as of tuesday I lost 2 lbs. of the 3 I gained back...wooohhhoooo, it is slow going but worth it (I think) Only problem is by the end of the week, I am so tired I don't care what I eat or IF I exercize...I can't seem to get past the wednesday hump.....so by wednesday, I start tapering, then thursday, taper more...friday is blown compleately....sat too...sunday I "get back on" only to repeat this vicious cycle....YIKES!! OHHHH, hey I got back into a pair of my stretch jeans.....that I hadn't been able to wear since....OHHH 3 or 4 months ago.....WOOOOHOOOO guess I need to think about that when I start my weekly decline~~huh? Ok, so hey all have a great weekend, and I will be sure to catch ya later!!((((HUGS)))))

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Recent stuff~~~

Well again I should say be careful what ya wish for....LMAO after complaining about no hours at work, the go and pre-book me..for the next couple of weeks, and even into the beginning of May...I am booked to almost 40 hrs a week. Holy smokes and a YIKES!! LOL, no it will be nice to "bask in the money" hehehe ;) I may just get some of my bills paid off.
As you know (if you do read here) I have been working on my personal issues, mainly my weight and keeping my house in better order. Well both are going pretty dang good if I don't say so myself. Since January (no it wasn't a new years resolution it just started the first of the year) I have lost 10 lbs. gained 3 back with my mini vacation and now have lost 2 more so I am at a grand total of 9 lbs. not much, but I can sorta tell. I know I feel better and yes I think I even look better. Due to my friends back injury we had to quit using the FIRM (it was/is a bit much for her) but we will go back to it someday....so for now we are using Richard Simmons....LMAO alls I can say is he sure is goofy. But let it be known that goofy-man can kick my ass. LOL, it is still a work out I tell ya. My friend has also lost quite a bit. Around the 10 lb mark. It is a good slow steady pace we have going. With ups and downs. which is normal. I think. Personally I think the water is playing a big part in it. I know I feel better when I drink it, and on the weeks I get most (if not all) of my water in, are the weeks I actually lose, and I feel better. So who knows, maybe this is finally the right thing for me.
My house is shaping up too. I have kept things rolling right along, and the funny thing is the kids and hubby help alot more. I did a MAJOR clean a week ago Monday, and the beds have been made everyday since, and they have managed to hit the dishwasher everynight too....woooohoooo!! Right now things are a bit rough, Brandon has that respitory flu, and of course Amanda came down with it too. I am waiting for Joe and I to catch it...I sure hope not, as my son has been off since Monday, and still looks pretty bad. Siiiigh, I sure hate it when my kids are sick!!! Not anything I can do for them either. :( ((((HUGS)))) to them. The poor things!!
Monday we had our first meeting for the July Jubilee thing, and Thursday "we" are going shopping. They buy their formal dresses first then can match everything else to it. Of course they picked pink, which is a color that doesn't look good on Amanda....wooops. But we will wait and see what the girls come up with. Does this cost me...nope, they "the girls" are represenatives of our town, for the week of the celebration (and before) so we will go shopping with someone else's money. Now that will be interesting...hehehehe, I sure hope she can take alot of positive stuff from this.

UMMM not much else going on here, cept sleep is alluding me again....but this time I have decided to just go with it. I get up super early, and get my stuff done before work, so well instead of hating or getting mad about it, I am just going with it. Well that is about it.
I hope all of you are well, and doing good. ((((HUGS)))) take care!! :)

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Saturday, April 09, 2005

In the theme of America's Most Wanted.....

While driving home from work, the Diranged Dizster ends up speeding...Oh, no what she she do when she see the police car turning on his lights well this hardened criminal decides to play it cool as a cucumber.....pulling over and handing over her liscense, and insurance paper, with a sweet smile on her face she answers no to the question: "Do you know why I pulled you over?" Then low and behold, another car pulls up in front of the Dizsters car, as the man gets out, the officer asks her, "Is he a friend of yours." She gives a slight giggle and says, "It's my husband." The officer then tells the man, "Sir, please get back in your car, and drive away." LMFAO...like Joey and I are going to do a shoot out or something, while I am being stopped for doing 40 in a normally 35 mile an hour street. Well, it also had something to do that this 35 mile an hour zone is about 6 blocks long, with school zones right in the middle....so for 2 blocks it is 20 then 2 blocks 35, and then the last 2 blocks 20 school zone again....it was 6:30 and the signs says shcool zone from 7:15 to 4:00.....so what is a girl to do? So I got off with just a tiny warning, for at least doing 40 in a 35 mph zone.(but he COULD have still given me a ticket, Oregon has passed a new state law, that school zones are 20 mph 24/7) WHEW!! but the really funny part was when my husband was going to pull up to give me grief...and officer wouldn't let him. I can see his point, I mean if you think about it, and you have watched any of the reality police shows...you can see my little joke here. ;) right? That was thrusday night...then yesterday crusing down the same street...I did do 20 and let me tell you....20 IS SLOW!! Oh well at least I won't get pulled over again!
Worked again yesterday, and have been booked for ALOT more days in April, and even some in May...gunna be busy again.
About work, let me throw out a question here....Now you all know I have worked as a TA for pretty close to 5 years, permant and all that...well when I took time off, I had to go back down to subbing...right? Well, there is a gal that has been a pretty regular sub (in my old classroom) now do you guys think it is right for her to sub for other people in that class and then give me her "left-over" hours...that is right, she is getting the 8 hour shifts, and I am getting the lower hours...to me this feels like they are using me...what you think? or should I just be happy that I am getting hours? I think I may take the second one.....I don't know, it feels weird going back into that classroom...I don't feel like part of "the team" anymore (not that I ever really did) so I guess I should just back off, and play it cool huh?
Oh well, things could be worse here, I am sure!! huh?
With all those rambles, I am off here, HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!! ((((HUGS))))

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

How silly of me~~

I can't believe I didn't tell you guys our new news~~ AMANDA DID GET THE JULY JUBILEE thingy!!! wooooohooooo she was pretty happy about it!!

In other news around here, son is studying the Civil War and after 16 hrs. of North and South (my favorite mini-series) and now 4 hours of Gettysburg, I can say I think I am pretty ok on information about this Civil War...LOL.

Anyhow I just remembered that I forgot to tell ya the good news, so I thought I would.
Have a great evening guys!!!

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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Big Mall Shopping~~~

Goodness, we spent ALL day in the 2 big malls, WHEW! But found THE PERFECT DRESS!! YEEPPIE~~ It is black spaghetti strap, with light blue accents. The accents, are 3 light blue stripes, ending with bows that runs right under her bust line down to her waistline, with a light blue under lay on the slightly puffy full length skirt. OMG, does she look good in it!!! This girl, is all of 5'3" and about 105lbs. Long waist, and VERY petite~~so the dress shows off all of that. Compleate, with little black evening bag, jewlery, and shoes~~I spent a bit more on the whole thing...but still did ok. Grand total came to $160.00 But I still think I did ok, as I got "extras" like the jewlery, a choker type necklace, earings, and hair clips, and the purse. The shoes were a bit more than I wanted to spend also, but again I have to tell myself that this is once in a lifetime thing for her. AND, I will be saving $$ by doing her nails(feet, and hands) myself, as I do a pretty good pedicure and manicure. Now alls I gotta do is set a hair appointment for her, and we are good to go!! She also got another dress, my g/f bought it for her marked down to $20.oo on the understanding that Amanda HAS to babysit for free, a couple of times. It is black with crisscross in the back, high neck with rinstones sprinkled on the front. Very low back, it is toooo cute!! AND the shoes and purse and jewlery we got match this one too...who knows maybe IF she goes to prom next year she can wear that one!! If I could figure out how to post pictures after the grand event, I would...I may have to have someone talk me through it....only problem is I know come prom night I will prolly tear, as she looks so grown up. I sure wish I had a figure like hers!! It was funny, we went into our second dress store, and was "helping" 2 other girls with their "dresses" by letting them know our picks....hehehe all 3 girls were so cute~~~AAAHHHHH to be young again, it would be nice. Then it was off to poke around at other stores~~mainly Spencers, OMG THAT store is shocking, LMAO some of those things are too damn funny!! Kids and I had a great laugh on the way home about a errr ummmm "interesting" shaped pina'ta(sp?) Too funny, I was laughing so hard I could barley drive!!! All is good here, well cept I once again blew my diet plan~~MAJOR~~ Cinnabons are way to good!! And going out to eat is really not a good thing at all. I brought some Cinnabons home for hubby, but I am staying out of them he will be taking them to work tomorrow. He is pretty good about keeping the junk out of the house and getting on the kids when the leave stuff around, Pat my joey on the back, gotta love him!!

Anyhow, today I am meeting with a girlfriend of mine, one I haven't seen in about 2 or 3 years so I best be getting a move on...hope all is good with you guys much love and ((((HUGS)))) :D :D

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Saturday, April 02, 2005

AAAAHHHHH~~~Life is good!!!

After not having my Slang CD for well over 6 months hubby put it in the middle section without a cover of my car seats, then had someone sit there. It broke in half. And with not working over the summer it seemed kinda silly to be buying myself a CD, when our money needed to go towards household stuff. Anyhow I ordered it a couple of weeks ago...and it came in yesterday. HOW I MISSED THAT CD!! I know it is silly, but that was/is one of my favorites when driving in my car. Expecially after a tiring day at work, put it in go the back/senic way home....SIIIIGH.

For today, we will be going out of town...a day trip to a town called Eugene, 2 hours away. We are purchasing a prom dress for Amanda, as her B/F is a junior and they have decided to go to the Prom.....Last year while shopping (dreaming) we found a shop that had some real cute formals...for $100.00 or less. Was talking to one of my co-workers, and she had bought her daughter's 8th grade graduation dress at the same shop for $11.00. I am like WOW, I sure hope we can find a deal like that!! Brandon and his friend are going too, just to cruise the mall while us gals are shopping. It should be pretty fun day today. And then tomorrow, a friend called one that has lived in Washington for the past couple of years, we are going to meet at the beach tomorrow. Lets hope it doesn't rain...what am I talking about THIS is after all Oregon....so we will prolly settle for coffee somewhere or something. Anyhow this gal trained me at my job and has always been there for me, I was very sad when she moved away, as one always can use extra support in their lives. So it is off to another super busy weekend...which is a good thing!!! Hope all of you have a great weekend!! (((((HUGS)))))) :)

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