Thursday, March 31, 2005

Things that are on my mind~~~

Why is it in this great nation of ours where weight problems are serious, that when I find a doable program, I can't seem to stay on it for more than a couple of days?

Ok, so this isn't really a bitch or a depression is sorta an "I am irked at myself kinda thing"

You may or may not remember a while back I had posted about "working" on some personal stuff.....and ya know, I have found a few things that really work, but....and here it is the BIG BUT (lmao not refering to my backside, but I may well be hehehe!!) Why is it I can't seem to find the umpf to do "what I need to"
A) It makes me feel better!!
B) Even in a short time I think I look better! (ya know skin looks better, and I think I carry myself better therefore I look better)
C) my attitude IS better. ect.
D) I sleep MUCH better!
so why in the heck am I fighting it? My friend was talking about starting again with exercize, and I automatacally hesitate. Why????
Why is it instead of getting a piece of fruit, or something healthy, I headed for carmel corn (that son left sitting on the coffee table) need to talk with him about that. Mr. Can eat anything and still remain "Stick Boy"
Why is it so hard to drink water, instead of coffee or pop??
I just don't get is like setting myself up or something~~Any ideas? I don't know, maybe I just lack a real sense of motivation...and ya know IF I feel better I just don't get it.

Oh well~~guess it will remain one of life mysteries, why I sorta set myself up. Anyhow take care ya all, hope to be hearing from ya soon. :) ((((HUGS)))))

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Friday, March 25, 2005

Well I am back~~

And quite relaxed I might add. LOL Hubby and I had a great time, nothing big just lazin around, thinking about being married (big change for us ya know with EVERYTHING that we have gone through in the last 9 months or so, we sorta put US on hold as most parents do when their child is in trouble) it was nice to just be...ya know what I mean? Anyhow I won't go on about what a great man I have....well, :) I might!! LOL.

My kids had a good time too, thanks to my bestest IRL buddy, she is so great with them!! We walked in last night, and no one was in a big hurry to go home.... :)

All is pretty good in my world, except I come back and find that my good friend Terri is still have a bit of friends say a prayer for her, she is one special lady who deserves the very best life can offer.

UMMMM ok, so about the concert, I choose not to go. I had decided the $100.00 I was gunna spend on tickets should be spent on this latest trip hubby and I had coming up...I couldn't do both...and really it was worth it!! Now IF I should happen to get those tickets for my upcoming birthday, I wouldn't be to sad...LOL, hint, winkey, winkey, hint, hint...LOL. No really it is ok, I have seen them twice and I so NEEDED to be married, just married, without kids problems...SIIIIIGH. Ok done there~~:)

Well, after weighing in this morning, I only gained 1 lb. back, thank the lord it wasn't more, so ya know I really got to get going back on my routines.

Anyhow that is about it. It is good to be back in my own home...I missed my computer time. And I missed seeing how all of you are on a daily basis. I hope all of you are well and happy...take care and ((((HUGS)))) :) :) :)

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Monday, March 21, 2005

Monday's news~~~

Well I got about a 3 part post here so here it goes~~

First and foremost help me wish our good friend Terri a GREAT BIRTHDAY!! Girl I hope your day is great!! Many of you don't know but this girl, is one of the bestest friends a person can hope for!! She came into my life when things were very dull, and boring. She brightened them with her wit, and humor and has taught me the power of laughter, and smiles. So my special friend, My wish for you is a great day, with lots of smiles and laughter!!! ((((HUGS)))))

Part 2 here, I will be out of town for the next few days...yep just me and hubby lazing in the....errrr ummm good ol' Oregon rain. LMAO, while he gets to learn about his job..I get to laze around the hotel room. Then it will be off to nice dinners, and back to the errr ummm, well you all get the picture. After all the stuff that has gone on it will be nice to just be the two of us..winkey dude here. LOL. So anyhow, I sure hope all of you have a great week, and nothing major happens.

Part, well due to this trip, I didn't get my tickets for the DL thing here in portland...but I am hoping someone will get them for me for my birthday...then again, if not...nothing can be better than my last DL concert...ya know? So it is all good that I didn't get the tickets...well not great, but ok.

Anyhow my friends take care, and know I will be thinking of ya...(((HUGS)))) to all of ya!!!!

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Friday, March 18, 2005


Well today is friday, and thank goodness. Although I had monday and tuesday I am pretty relaxed. (That is till I see my next check lol) I only worked 12 hours this last week, so ya know it is back to the roller coaster on the budget...oh well I guess it is only money so I shouldn't worry to much huh?

Monday starts spring break for the kiddies, and Hubby and I get to get away for 4 days of it...YEP, ALONE, KIDLESS, JUST HIM AND I~~can ya tell I am a bit excited. wooooohoooo!! Seeing as the last time we got to be alone was our 14th wedding anniversary (this year will be 17) so I think it is time. His job is sending him to we will pay the extra for a double room...and poof a real cheap vacation. While he is at classes I get to sit around, and read, and rest, and just do not much of anything......:) I think it will be good, as things here are you know the "normal" and some me (and us time) is deserved. Anyhow, that is all about that.

This week was as I said pretty laid back...which is a good thing. My friend is doing somewhat better, although she still hurts pretty bad...poor thing. I personally think she is trying to take on too much...but trying to tell her that is not working..LOL.

I am still trying to decide IF I want to go to the Portland show....I don't know. Tickets go on sale either today or tomorrow....It would be fun, but I am not sure.....Would love it if someone wanted to meet up or something...any takers Portland show June 1st???

Ok gals that is about it, hope all of you had a great week, and will have an even better weekend~~~((((((HUGS)))))))

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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Checking in real quick like~~

Well, I found out today I didn't get that job...I was sorta expecting that, as I didn't feel very comfortable after the interview. hind-sight is a beautiful thing...huh?
I am ok with it, well as ok as I can be. Was nice dreaming~~I do think or have to believe that things will work out, and that maybe I am still am where I am for a know the closed door open window thingy. As I have in my mind a totally different possible avenue for myself....more about that later.
I won't be around most of the weekend, I am going to go stay with my friend, her hubby has a very demanding full time business, and I can't see them paying someone to watch their little boy....he is after all my favorite 4 year old. Anyhow I am tired, and will check in later...OHHH yeah, Portland DL Brian Adams concert is a I hope Patty will think on it some more, if not that is fine too...I can go with Joey, or now Brandon wants to go with me....HHHMMMM

Take care all ((((HUGS))))

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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

What has been going on in my world~~

You may ask yourself this~~or maybe not. LOL things here are pretty good. I am working on the 3rd week in a row of 40 hrs a week. I tell ya the quickest way for me to get hours was to let them know I was looking for another job. HHHMMMMM, that is a funny thing huh? Course this many hours makes me tired....I come home and just eat and much for house work, and or exercize. Speaking of exercize, my very bestest friend, and exercize bud...ended up in the hospital this last weekend, she had been having back problems (not really due to exercize but I am sure this didn't help things too much) well darn it all she now has a buldging disk OUUUUCH!!! Can ya all say a prayer for her, as she is the bestest person in the world and loves to do EVERYTING for everyone (she is now being forced to take care of herself) I feel so bad for her, and there is not much we can do except wait and see if the disk will go back on its own, I so hope this is the case. this lady has taught me sooo much about what it is to be a friend. ((((HUGS and thoughts go to my good friend))))

I am still yahoo gameless...drats, I loved playing collapse. Joey did all the stuff it said in the email directions, and still nothing, he spent ALOT of time on sunday trying to figure it out...well screw yahoo, anyone got a place I can play games??? (Not that I really need to spend more time on here, but gee wiz I would love to have some down time)

I still haven't heard from the job interview, a week ago today....wonder when they will call. Oh well, I am pretty much over the self doubt (finally) so I will just wait, singing my little song~~"I am just waiting on...a phone call" sung to the tune of Stone's WAITING ON A FRIEND LMAO ya know I can carry a tune, lucky it is in my head that I am singing this...hehehehe!!!

Amanda's application for July Jubilee court has been excepted, now that just means she will go through the interview process ect....crossing fingers for her.

And Brandon yesterday pops up with: I am going to start saving my money to buy me a, at 14 he is thinking of cars..YIKES, then again he made a very good point, if he works for it, saves for it....he will treat it better~~don't ya think? I sure hope he makes it and who knows maybe by the time he is 16 or 17 we can match what he has in the bank. We will see. I am proud of him that he is thinking about this!!

Taxes came in finally~~alls I can say is GREAT, we can finally get a handle on some of these bills that have piled up since last spring. And I can go stock up my pantry (well my kitchen cupboards) I haven't done that in awhile, so as weird as it sounds I am looking foward to it...I get all depressed and weird when my cupboards aren't full. (I think it is from growing up poor, and it is an issue with me) And who knows maybe Amanda and I can do a little shopping. We just got a Ross's and she is dying to go~~we will see. I can also get my hair cut, UUUGGGGG it is so shaggy, then again working 10 to 6 I can't get in at the right time. So prolly next week...woooohoooooo, no more bad hair days!! LOL, I know it is the little things that excite me anymore. Well that is about it for me...boring stuff I know.

Have a great day ladies, (((((HUGS)))) to each and everyone of ya!!!
:) :) :)

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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Anyone know~~~

Just what the hell is up with Yahoo? OMG I have been sitting here for an hour or so trying to figure this thing out!! About ready to pull out my hair I am.

So first I had played yahoo games for quite awhile, now all the sudden I get a box, with blue, red, and green shapes in it, instead of the screens. I have gone, oh here is my email now...wonder what it will say.

Ok second I downloaded the new tool bar, and after signing in 3 or 4 won't work....blah, I hate computer!! If it werent for the fact that I manage to talk with people on here...I would do it...Ok so now off to pull my hair some more (at this rate I will be bald!!)

UPDATE: Ok, that was a nice long email....oh my gosh...I think I will wait till hubby gets up and he can figure it out.(I am such a dork when it comes to this stuff) Maybe I should have him show me, or write down just exactally what to do. Have a great day guys...maybe I will be able to play my games soon, as I missed them ALOT!! (((((HUGS)))) Hope everyone is well, and feeling GREAT!!! :)

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Job Interviews~~

Well ya know I personally think that job interviews shouldn't be the basis for getting a job. No one is at their best during one of these. I know I can do this job, I have been doing it for years. But I get in there, and LMAO I have met (and or worked with, not for long mind you) 2 of the 3 people on the panel. So hey do you think that put me at ease...well nope not really. Gosh I was so nervous. So I get through the 3 person panel interview, and it is on to met the director a real nice lady that I have trained with. So that was a total of 4 people and out of those 4 people 3 of the have in the past worked with the company I work for now. By the time I had gotten to talk with the director, my adrenalin was going and I tured into a talk a mile a minute woman. LMAO...ok so today it is down to where I can finally laugh about it. So hopefully she saw that I was full of energy. That would be a good point. I honestly believe at this point IF I get it it won't be because of my great interview will be because my experience will and does speak for itself.

One question I thought was rather odd was: What will you do if you don't get this job? So I am like eeerrr ummm(yes those two "words" were in my vocabulary yesterday LOL) I answered pretty much what I am doing now~~waiting for something permanent.

Am I worried, naaaw. See peeps I have learned alot in the past 6 months. Stop worring about the little stuff, cause the big stuff is coming. Will it be nice if I do get bet ya. I can be a bit sad, but really this is not the end all beat all thing for me. Working so hard here to stay positive~~Can ya tell? I think right now today, I am just still in the wishing mode. If I manage to get it....great. I am also in the play-back mode..don't ya just hate that. "I could/should have said", YIKES I could drive myself crazy.

Good thing is I will know either way, either by the end of this week or sometime next week. I thought that was very very good. At least I won't be waiting for the thanks but no thanks letter. Again ladies cross everything that I did better than I thought I did. Ya ever notice how hard it is to "sell yourself" geeeeze I sure can't do it.

AAAHHHH well who knows maybe my negative attitude is coming through and I did do better than I thought~~we will wait and see. Till then take care and (((((HUGS)))))

Update: Still playing the waiting game. You know they will call me either way....errrr uuummm well it was suppose to be end of last week (which would have been friday) or next week sometime. So for now I am singing the Stone's song...I am just waiting, ect. Course it doesn't say I am just waiting on a job interview, but hey I can change that right? LOL, thanks for your support guys!!!

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Pray, Pray, Pray~~~

Well or cross everything. This is not a religious post...I just know in my times of need I have all of you around the nation praying for me...and let me tell ya, It has worked before. Let's hope it will work again. Today I set off for my interview. And well really gals I want this pretty bad. but I think honestly I just need you guys to pray for calm for me mostly. But ok here are my reasons I want this. I really don't care for working on call(this is insane after 5 years of not doing it) What I thought would be flexable really is not. And I so miss being part of a team ok ok I know my last team may not have been the untamate situation)...but at least I could throw my ideas and sorta know what was expected of me, and the kids knew I was "a real teacher" now I am just a visitor. I want to be able to know when and where I am working everyday. I also think it may be time for me to learn "new tricks" Hehehehehe!! Always more to learn in life...if I have not learned anything at least I have learned that. Right?

Well, also I guess I need to say as if right now it is in God's hands. What will be will be. I can't sit here and "worry" about it all day(I will be usless if I do) So in advance if you are thinking of me (or praying) THANKS A BUNCH..I know it worked last has gotta work this time. Have a great tuesday all~~Much love and ((((HUGS))))) :) :)

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