Friday, January 28, 2005

whew busy week......

Ok on top of working every day this week....I went in to get those papers for that class...haven't had time to even look at them, but maybe just maybe I won't have to...ok hold on to your hats here G/Fs....I am applying for 2 new positions. These just sprang up this week, so here is hoping I will get one of them. The one I really want isn't even with my present company. It is 40 hrs a week, and I get to be more involved in the planning, paper work, and assesments, ect. Plus it pays 80-someodd cents more an hour than I am making now(after 5 years their starting wage is more) that works out to be about $400 a month more than I was making last spring (almost like a 3rd check a month.) Wooooohooooo!!! Is it in the child care profession you ask..Yep it sure is. And really there is nothing wrong with working with kids, I am good at it. Today is the closing date for the application, so please please cross everything that can be crossed, I really want this. (at least for now I do LOL) Anyhow other than that...tonight is the start of our last week on the play...gosh I will be glad to have my life back!! But also the preformances have been going so well, it will be sad to not see the cast. I am not planning on getting into any other plays at this time. I need a break away from that. I am working on getting my life back in gear, which includes finding a more satasfactory job, getting my house in order, and exercizing...I have done 3 nights this week...and feel better than I have in a long time. I now realize that Amanda will be Amanda and no amount of worry is going to stop her from making mistakes, and or losing her temper. It has been a long road with her...I tell ya. This last few months living with normal has been soooo weird ( I know that is really silly to all of you, but I needed to say it) so anyhow..I am off here, working today, and turning in my application.....I sure hope something comes of it!!! :) (((((HUGS)))))) to ya my friends!!!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Something positive today~~Just to make ya smile :)

This is awesome! We all should think like this. Today is no special day and I have no particularreason for writing to you... I have no news to tell you.... nor any problems to discuss with you.... or gossip to tell you... It's only one of those happy moments... when I thought of you... and I would like to share these thoughts with you... MANY SMILES BEGIN BECAUSE OF ANOTHER SMILE... Always have good self esteem... Take care of your friends, especially those dearest toyou... Take care of your body... But most of all find time to relax... A Big Hug from your friend... Pass this on to all of your FRIENDS.. And if youreceive this e-mail many times from many differentpeople, it only means that you have many FRIENDS. Andif you only get it but once, do not be discouraged foryou will know that you have AT LEAST ONE GOOD FRIEND.........ME

The past week, I have hooked up with a friend of mine that moved away a couple of years ago...we sorta lost contact and she sent this to me this morning in my I thought I would share with you guys. Have a great day...and (((((HUGS)))))

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Sunday, January 16, 2005


Gosh, I haven't posted in a long time...just thought I would let ya all know I am still kicking. Been kind of a weird couple of weeks around here....Maybe it is the post holiday blahs...I don't know. Hubby and I have been fighting, not bad just ya know, after 20 years or so...the little things start to pile up, and all that wonderful married people stuff. To be honest it really all boils down to the financial stuff....siiiiigh, we are going on 6 months here that I haven't put much income into the house. Sooooo, I find out friday that subs, aren't really suppose to make a "livable income" this starts me thinking, "I want to be a sub....why?" Come on people make it worth my while. But they prolly won't. So again, I am prolly gunna have to fly the coop. I am not sure what I am hanging on for. It hasn't gotten much better sooooo. LMAO sometimes I have to be hit upside the head. Anyhow, I guess the problem is I am not sure what I want to do. That and there is not much work around here. Lord, I thought being an adult was easy....but it is not. So through all the stress, Joe and I sorta pick at each other, which is "normal" for us. Finally we both get sick of it, talk it out...and now we need to work on a plan of action. It will work out, I know it...just the getting there is the problem. Somehow in my youth I wasn't taught many goal setting skills, and/or I didn't have a burning desire to be much of anything career wise so I am at odds trying to figure out what I can or want to do. (does that makes sense?) I was sent some paper work on a free class called "what can I be when I grow up. and How to get there from here." I signed up. But it is a 3 month class. I was already preschelduled to work the first the instructor is letting me do the first class on my own...I wonder if I can do all of it on my own, and get it done before March.....HHHMMMM now there is a thought.

Anyhow second week of the play is almost at an end, GREAT audience last night!!! wooooohoooo, love to play to an active audience makes it easier. UUUMMM my throat thing, has spread to alot of the cast, most of us are losing our voices...woooops. Mine is still not working right, but hey so what if I sound like miney mouse. If Demi can do it so can I. LOL, I wonder why on her the "gravel thing" sounds sexy on me just bad. OHHH well!!

I hope this finds all of you happy, and in good sprits. Please keep your fingers crossed that something will turn up for me, here pretty quick. Or better yet, that I will finally get the courage that I need to make changes in my life. :) (((((HUGS))))) to all!!!

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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Opening night, and stuff~~

So last night our play opened. It was pretty ok.....well could have been better. There is a saying: If dress rehersal goes well opening night won't. Well that sorta summed it up not that it was bad, just not great. let's see what when wrong. Tinkerbell missed a whole scene...wooops but that was ok the guy who plays Peter managed to cover. One scene change didn't get done. Hooks lantern didn't get blown out, but again he covered. The Nanny (me) has almost no this is fun people, trying to project when I can't hardly even talk. Then my voice will crack or go out, which makes me nervous, then my memory starts to fade...YIKES. BUT, the audience did laugh at my faint. HEHEHEHE!! The very last scene of the first act, the Darling children have flown out the window, the Nanny comes on stage to find them, after looking in hiding spots and calling out their name, her attention goes to the window glancing out, she sees something frightening, gasps, covers her mouth, then back up to the bed,sits down, and swoons....HEHEHEHE I DID IT!!!! The congestion that I have had for the past week or so has moved up to my throat area. As of last tuesday Joey said "that is it, we are getting you back on your is working (when I remember to take it) So I have figured that this "crud" is allergies, prolly due to the cat. However I refuse to get rid of him, Amanda would be sooo crushed, so I will have to figure a way to keep him. Maybe we can start brushing him, or something.

OHHHH and it did snow here last night, just a slight would have been pretty to watch but it didn't start till sometime in the middle of the night. It is not bad, wonder IF we will get more. We are not forcasted for it, so it should be ok.

Well that is about it for me today, have a great day guys!!! (((((HUGS)))))

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Friday, January 07, 2005

Dress Rehersal and other stuff~~

Well we had dress rehersal, and it went well...very well. Tink did a great job, Peter, and Wendy, John and Michael...OHHH heck the whole cast did a wonderful job!! Way to go!! We were so stressed thinking we weren't ready (and really it hasn't seemed like we were) guess it just took a live audience to get us "on the ball" So tonight is officially opening night, I don't feel as stressed about it....except, I sure in he hell hope my voice lasts. I have had a bad sore throat, with cough for about a week, and I am thinking it is allergies...the kitty finally caught up with me....siiiiigh. I have to keep this under control as we can't get rid of him. I refuse Amanda needs something to love, that is just hers.....and Boo seems to be it. :)

Well I may have to be looking into other options for work....maybe. I am not getting called out as much as I had planned, and we can't make it on only about 10 to 20 hrs a week. I will be the first to admit that some of this could be that I have not had the best attitude since going back. I would have honestly thought that they would understand, as I went through a MAJOR life changes, and that kinda put me in a depression, that I feel like I am finally coming out of....but I guess or it feels like they couldn't wait. HHHHMMMMM so much for friendship, and loyalty. I will work through this too. Seems as if life is one giant process that we have to work through. I also have to believe that this could be a blessing in desquise (spelling goof sorry) I don't know, it just seems like if it is not one thing it is another. I finally feel good about myself, my daughter's progress, my marriage, how my son is doing, and all the important things...and poof work is getting real bad again. The words "You will always be a part of our team, Liz" haunt me all the time....pffffft, well if I am a member then why does it seem like no one wants to work with me. And no it is not cause they don't call in people...I hear and see other subs getting called in all the time. And I know it sounds selfish but.....With 5 years experince, it seems I should be getting way more hours than I am. I also feel a distance from people who I used to laugh with. I am on the outside looking in. Siiiiiigh. But on a happier note...when I am with the kids, it is great. The last two days, those kids have made me feel special, and like a great teacher :) Gotta love them kids. but then again work has always been a huge doubt in my really these feeling I am having don't seem to be "out of the norm" for me. So I wonder if with that thought there really is my answer. Then again, there are more places I could go to sub at...maybe if I wasn't so available, they might get the hint.

Todays brag goes out to my hubby: It takes a "real man" to be able to wear a Kilt compleate with bloomers, and run around stage in front of people acting all crazy. He can laugh at himself so easy, it is soooo cool. Joey, I love ya babe you are the BEST!!! hey I like this and maybe I might just put in a "brag of the day" everyday. Could be fun hey maybe I might wanna brag on you guys a bit...ya think? LOL

So I guess that is it for now, it is 3am and I have been up for about an hour, and I seriously think I will go back to bed, and sleep for a little bit more. I did that yesterday and felt so much better, gots to take care of me ya know? Tonight is opening night, I sure hope it goes as well as it did last night....well maybe a bit better, but I won't worry about it....what will be will be, and I will try and laugh no matter what. Have a great day guys~~~((((((HUGS))))))

OHHH my gosh, I forgot to add today is the day that Joey first asked me to be his girlfriend....eeeerrr uuuuummm 21 years ago, WOW huh?!? I didn't realize it, till I looked at this post and saw the date, I just had to say something.....cause well ya know, it is a special day for me.

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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I won't complain anymore.....

Ok, I know yesterday I was in a snit about my feet being cold...after reading a few blogs this morning...I see some of my bloggin buds out there are dealing with alot of worse crap than I am...Teach, April, and all stay safe and warm!!!

This kind of weather scares me something fierce...prolly cause I am not used to driving it it at all....worse point most of the people here aren't used to it either. Case in point, I left my house at about 1:30 in the afternoon, now mind you I live on a country what I call a wooop-dee-doo road with curves. Our road loops around the bay, and most days I take the back way. Which goes around the bay, it is longer that the highway, but not as much traffic, and a nice way to unwind after work(DL blaring on the CD player) anyhow in the morning hubby tells me to "take the highway way" well I am thinking....HMMMMM it is in the afternoon, and things SHOULD pretty much be defrosted, don't ya think. So it is the back way I go....I get around this curve, and low and behold there is flares all over the road. I slow down, course I wasn't going very fast anyways...and I see this car upside down in the other lane of the road....the guy lighting the flairs comes over to my window and says this older gentleman, was coming around the corners pretty fast, and hit a patch of black ice.....I am like "where is the black ice" he says, "all through here."
"GREAT!!" Yes you can detect the sarcasm there. So I putt along, and am fine. The guy in the car was fine, he actually was standing beside his wrecked car when I pulled up beside it.

So ya see it is stuff like that that makes me so much hate any little bit of ice or snow, people here just don't know how to drive in it. I don't drive in it....if I got to be somewhere, hubby takes me. I know this is a wimpy attitude, but my fear alone would prolly cause me to get in a wreck.

Dentist appointment yesterday...went pretty good. Well you know as well as can be expected...gots to take better care of my teeth. But no cavities. I learned something too, a couple of weeks where my teeth were just hurting something awful...she said could have been caused by sinus pressure. When the sinuses swell up, it puts pressure on those nerves...HHMMMM no wonder it went away, now if the sinuses would just start acting right, all would be fine!! :)

Well, enough of my rambles...have a great day people~~~stay warm if ya can!! ((((((HUGS)))))

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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Shame on me....

I am sitting here, playing on the computer when I could be doing soooo much more! LOL, I don't know..I am tired, today. Guess it is the fact that it is HELL week for the play, yep folks we finally open on friday, with full dress rehersal on thrusday (what full rehersal means is we have "freebe" night, an audience comes in to watch. Gosh I hope we are ready!! That and we all are fighting THE NEVERENDING COLD or FLU...I have no idea what it is, but this stuff just won't give up. Poor Brandon is so tired, and feeling pretty bad...little rest to be had, what with practice and all. I feel for him. I keep telling him, just a couple of days....:) (((HUGS))) to the little guy (ooohhh what am I saying, he has gotten to where he has to bend down to give him mommy hugs, now that is a weird one, I tell ya) LOL

It is cold here, ok I know you all are not having any simpathy for me, but dang my little tootsies are just half frozen, and I even have my socks and shoes on...what is a girl to do to get her feet warm? LMAO well there is one thing, but no hubby here so...DARN!!

Well, that is pretty much it in my small little world.....have a great day guys (((((HUGS))))

:) :) :)

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Sunday, January 02, 2005

First things first~~

Ok let me just say, my cat is UUUGGGly~~OMG, I sure hope people don't see me as that ugly. But the description is about right.

Anyhow first day of the new found me, cleaning with taking my christmas decorations house is now nekkie and kinda depressing.

This year we didn't get to enjoy the decorations very long...and ya know I think that is why it was so hard for us to find the christmas sprit. I talked with hubby last night, and next year we are going to decorate the "normal" way for us. Earlier...because of the Birthdays we didn't do much for decorating until after the 18 and man that was alot of work for just a couple of weeks.

For christmas he got a whole new set of outside lights...from my older brother, LMAO brother gives hubby something almost every year to do with the outside stuff...course I think I was on the phone with my brother this year when hubby was hanging lights...OMG did hubby suck the joy out of decorating...see we had lost almost half of our lights. So we have decided to change things abit...instead of the cheapy icicle twinkle lights, we are going to go with the bigger ones....that way if one bulb goes out, it can be replaced, instead of losing half the strand. I am pretty excited to see what it will look like next year. It is funny we live out in the country and really not many people see our house, but hubby likes to decorate it up. :) And I have to say when he was not cursing at the lights, it is pretty nice to have all them out.

Anyhow those are my rambles for today...have a great day ladies and~~~(((((HUGS)))))

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What kind of cat am I~~LMAO this one is really funny!!!

You are a Sphinx! You are mocked for your unusual
appearance, but you are very loving and
devoted. People just need to give you a

What breed of cat are you?
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