Friday, December 31, 2004

AAHHHH, the last day of the year~~~

And what will we be doing? Well for starters NO PRACTICE, AND NO WORK!! OMG, two whole days to just do what I want!! Wooooohooooo!!! For tonight spending time with the kiddies, and their friends. Boy child is having a guest over so I will see IF girl child wants one over too~~Games, munchies, hot coco...sounds pretty boring right? Well, I could go out and party, but who likes to wake up starting a new year with a hang over right? LOL, no I don't go out this night cause there is just to many idiots out...Normally we go to a friends house, but she is working this year... :( I will miss our yearly party, but well that is ok...cause really we have all year to spend together, maybe party for no special reason...that sounds good huh?

Resolutions, nope I don't set them...I feel as they were just made to be broken. So what is the point?

So HAPPY NEW YEAR ONE AND ALL!! Have a fun and safe celebration tonight, and everyday of the coming year!!!

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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Good morning~~

So hey we are about ready to wrap up a new year...and alls I can say is THANK GOD, this last year was so full of ups and downs for my family, I am so hoping 2005 will be more full of the ups. Although I can look back and say it was a good learning year for me. I learned ALOT. Would I do the same things....if it means my family is happy, you bet ya!!

Right now we are in the mist of tech week at the play...GROAAAAN it is not fun I can tell ya. Late night practices are kicking my hiney. I will be so glad when all this is over. I can't even begin to tell ya what a pain in the butt this one was...nother learning lesson, don't do plays in the winter...makes for waaaay long days. We open on the 7th so I am hoping all goes well with that. Anyhow, hope all you have a great day!!!

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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Well, is over....

Siiiigh, the holiday is over and my house is wrapping paper balls still in my livingroom, from the paper fight we got into christmas morning, no I didn't say it was the kids, it was us grown-ups. LOL Tomorrow, I will sweep the remenants away and take down my very sad I am pretty sad. For some odd reason this year I didn't want to see my family go. No I am not alone, I have Joey and the kids, but "my family" is all long distance. Normally this doesn't bother me to much but this year, it sits heavy on my heart. Siiiiigh, this is an odd feeling for me, as I normally am ready for them to go ooohhh I know that sounds bad, and I don't necessarally mean it to sound mean, but my family is a tad overwhelming. But for some reason this year I feel lonely. Oh damn, I am starting to cry as I type this...siiiiigh :( I know life will go on and I will come out of this. I guess this means we had a pretty good time, and didn't get on each other's nerves huh?)

So lets see, we had a nice dinner christmas eve, and christmas day...the kitty almost had to find a new home, as he got into the pumpkin pie...grrrrr, that was the first thing I woke up to christmas day....kitty prints in the pie. My fault, but it was too hot to put away, as I didn't get it baked till late. I opted to visit and chat with my mom and sister. Speaking of the kitchen, lord anything that could have gone wrong did...well not really, I didn't start a fire, but that was about the only thing bad that didn't happen. Gosh my timing was really off. Oh well we muddled through, and it did turn out to be a pretty nice meal....minus the ham...can you believe I forgot to cook it...rolley eyed dude here. I had to laugh at myself, as I was getting the turkey out of the oven, I am like what are we missing....errrr ummm the ham. Well dang it, so much for that idea. But we had plenty of turkey, so all was good. But it was rather weird to miss cooking a WHOLE HAM. Hahahaha!!! OMG what an air head I am.

Anyhow for christmas, I got a fleece throw blankey, it came in a nice basket, that is perfect for a bread basket for the dinner table, and a planner, a couple of movies, six nice big fluffy towels, a set of flannel sheets(had to return those as they were to wrong size, and I got the LAST set at wall-mart, thank goodness, as I am spoiled and HAVE to have flannel now) and my mother bless her heart...I called her last week all depressed about the money situation, and I guess a couple of days after that she went shopping and picked me up a bonus gift....LMAO it is a figurine of the Burger Mister Burger from Santa clause is coming to town....That is my favorite kiddie christmas movie, and every year I get really excited to watch it, and I do a pretty good impression of Burgermister...I had to laugh. As she knew...but mom's do that don't they. so maybe next year I might have to buy the whole village of them....ya think??? that would be fun. It was pretty slim for us grown ups, but that is ok, watching the kids open theirs was pretty great...Brandon loved the X-box. and Amanda was pretty excited with the BIG phone card...we got her a trac phone last year, but she ran out of service and or minutes...and we hadn't been able to up we got her a years worth of service and like 350 minutes. :) Those were just their big stuff, they got some little stuff too. And I am sure I got some other stuff, I just don't remember it. So I guess it is time for me to get outta here, hope all of you had a GREAT holiday, with lots of love and cheer...I know I did!! :)

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Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Eve...

at my house goes something like this... The pies and rolls are to be made today. My son, each and every year wants fresh yeast rolls, and nope they can't be store bought...LMAO I tried one year, and got the sad hang dog look from him with him saying something like, "but mom, you aren't gunna make your fresh rolls this year" so now I do it for a special thing for him. While dough is raising for the rolls, I get on to making the pumpkin, and this year a banana cream requested. I normally put in the crock pot a soup or something like that...this year is no exception, Elk stew....with corn muffins (I will cheat and make a mix tonight) I will also prep cook for tomorrow, like boil the sweet potatoes, and cut them up in their pan. Cut up the onion and celery for the stuffing. (as onion juice in the eyes at 6:00am is not fun) HHHMMMM what else do I need to do, ooohhh this year Amanda is going to make the muffins that we have for I won't have to do that. All the while trying to keep my house in order...HaHaHa!! I know it sounds like alot of stuff to do, but that is my expression of love to my family.....I sure hope some day they realize how much the holidays mean to me...and try and carry on some of the traditions I have strived for through the years. All our presents are wrapped (thank god Joey doesn't mind doning that as I despise it) I do get to wrap the stocking stuff, YUCK but those don't have to look that good whew. Well, people I am gunna get off here and get my work done, get the house all smelling like a holiday, with all the baking and stuff. Have a safe and merry christmas eve!!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

It is time~~~

So hey this is not going to be a normal post about my going on rambling at my problems, and what I am doing is time for me to

Wish each and every one of you a very merry christmas! I am sending out this wish as I didn't get in on the christmas card lists. So I hope this will do for all of you.

This season my wish for each and everyone of you and yours is Peace, Love and Happiness.

As you sit down and open your presents, and or eat your traditional dinner with your family and loved ones, know that someone from as far away as Oregon is thinking of you, and sending your way lots of cyber hugs!!

My friends, I don't think I could have made it through the last year without you, and for that I am truly thankful, so as the new year rolls around I will also be thinking of each and everyone of you....being very glad I had you in my life for 2004 and knowing that 2005 will see us through more, but knowing you will be a constant will ease anything that comes our way.


Liz, Joe, Amanda, and Brandon

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Been gearing up for christmas and stuff.....

So Hubby's party went good, and he was surprised. The major surprise of the night was that he actaully had, now it isn't like that, he is a good guy. But....well when we went out to the lights he was acting like he had all the time in the world. It ended up that the people that did come, were about ready to leave. Pffft the silly man, had to take the "long" way to the gardens...and then we get there and traffic was backed up for a 1/4 of a we wait and wait, then to cruse around the lights...then we went and saw the trains, one of our local fire departemtns has about 6 to 8 BIG tables with train/villages set up. It is very very cool. Well of ocurse the guy there was talk, and talk and talking to Joey, meanwhile the people here are waiting and we arive, Joey jumps as he opens the door. Hahahaha I did it pulled off a surprise!!

so the last few days has been spent just working around the house getting things sprused up around here...and finishing the last minute stuff. Whew, I think I will make it this year...and hopefully stress free.

Oh, something I want to post I know how powerful those "pray chains" are. Can you all please say a prayer for my oldest sister. I got a phone call from my oldest brother...and he seems to think it is pretty bad, we still don't know what it is....but if he is worried, well then I guess I will need to be talking with my sis, see if I can get her to finally have that sugery. Ect. I am not going to dwell on it, as I don't want to start my day in tears...but let's just say my brother's phone call has now got me ALOT more worried. So thanks in advance guys, I love ya all. (((((HUGS))))) and have a great day!!!

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Friday, December 17, 2004


I personal thanks to those of you who wished my hubby a happy birthday yesterday. Terri, he really chuckled at yours~~I will show him SOL one prolly tonight. UMMMM, you all won't believe the acting ability I have...hehehehe *wink* *wink* SSSHHHH what he doesn't know is Sat is his party, I sat here last night profussly appologizing, and even shed some tears that we couldn't do more for his birthday. OOOHHH am I bad. I hope this party goes off without a hitch. Anyhow I will be super busy the next couple of days with shopping and the party, I hope to check in sunday...have a great and safe weekend everyone, and watch out for the crazed shoppers!!! (((((HUGS))))) :)

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Thursday, December 16, 2004

OH, Happy Happy Joy Joy~~~

LOL, seeing as two of my internet friends beat me to it, I guess it is now time for me to be wishing my hubby a


So Joey my better half have a great day!!! And remember we love you~~~:D

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Hehehe, how's that for a little spanish. Good morning to all. Hope this finds you all well and good!! I finally got caught up on my reads this AM....thank goodness, as I was having withdrawls but for the past few days with all the pop ups I just kinda got on here, and got off real quick.

Went to Amanda's concert last did they do a good rendition of Sing the bells? Not remembering the name of that song...anyhow that was their second to last song, IMO he should have saved that for last. But hey what do I know? right? Anyhow on our way home last night she informs us that the class picks who gets to solo and who doesn't. Well, for the past few years I have listened to them, and I gotta say, my daughter can do just as well if not better mind you this could be parternal pride, but really I don't think so. Anyhow I don't believe that letting the class pick could possible EVER gain anyone any confidence, ohhh yeah it could confidence in the fact that they are more popular. It really pisses me off, I don't know weather I should just leave it alone or call the music teacher. What do ya think? Any how not much else to say....cept I hope all of ya have a GREAT DAY!! (((((HUGS)))))

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Thanks Kim, I ran that ad scan, and found over 500 "things" on my computer. I think I will have hubby run it again though, after he gets off work...just in case I didn't compleate it properly. It is amazing how much that bogged down my computer. And I can now chat with someone and not have to have the damn thing freeze up cause all the shit clogging it. Sorry for the language gals, but this has been really frustrating me.

Anyhow we survived Amanda's 16th b-day party. We ended up getting her a new sterio system, not one of the cheapy boom boxes, and some other stuff. My G/F wrapped up a huge box, and 16 presents in it. It was pretty funny. Amanda got tons of earings from her friends, then my in-laws sent her a pair to total 19 different pairs of earings. So who knows I might get her second peircing soon. Joe's B-day is next...pssst. did I tell ya he will be 40...hahahaha!!! Anyhow today is a day off for me, so I think I am just gunna relax and take a nap...then do my house work. Have a great days guys~~~((((HUGS)))))

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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Help, who can help?!?

Ok so I did a stupid thing..I never download stuff, well one day I decided to download a Yahoo game, and my computer is acting up waaaay bad now, a million pop-ups, running slow ect....Kim before we change my blog you had posted a link for a pop up blocker...can you repost that...Please? I haven't posted much as we have been super busy. Play practice running all hours ect. Been working alot too, I sure hope the pay check is a biggie, as I haven't done much of my christmas shopping...just got Brandon's big one. I think this year is gunna be not many presents under the tree...the biggie, and maybe a few smallish ones. I don't know. I will be on a break after next week as all the centers are closed, which is a good house can get all done up and cleaned up. Well gals not much else to tell cept this..hope all of you are well and good!! (((( HUGS)))) OHHH yeah we had Amanda's 16th b-day party last night...what fun that was!!! And, her report card came in....can we all say woooooohooo for Amanda!! After failing 6 subjects (all to be made up later) last year..this year she got: 1-A, 5-Bs, and 1-C We are so proud of the way she has pulled herself up and out of all of last years crap!! Way to go baby girl!! :) Mom is way proud of you!! (so is dad btw) Anyhow I will catch you all later!!

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Sunday, December 05, 2004

It's beginning to look alot like christmas~~

Around these parts here. We got the tree yesterday, it is very big...I don't know IF we have ever had as big of a one here. Kids and I did the tree while hubby did the lights outside. Why is it they decided not to work on years where we are trying to cut spending. OOOHHH MY lord hubby was grumpy yesterday. I sure hope it doesn't creep into today, or there will be hell to pay. Course the words, "the other half of the strand blew out, I know it did cause I saw the smoke" could have something to do with it. And it seems like when taking on a major project like that is time for all the tools to hide, I don't know maybe they sprouted legs and walked off.....or something. I know maybe the tool fairy took off with them. Wooops sorry, I am not thrilled at how our tree trimming party went yesterday...with the girl child really not wanted to be involved...ohhh of course that is cause none of her friends were here, or it wasn't about them. The boy child was great though....woooohooo, one willing helper. And hey he even had a smile. :) Now if only hubby could find the christmas cheer. Anyhow today is time to get my enertainment center done...I put all the candles, and heavier ornaments on there, under a layer of "snow" and lights....then I do the same with my cedar chest....should look pretty nice, at least I hope so. So with getting the tree in, the cat jumped into it not once, but twice...gunna be a pretty fun year.

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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Random thoughts about the season,

Ya know as I was driving to work yesterday I was thinking about posting all the things I really hate about this time of year...then I thought No Liz that is not very positive at I am gunna post about the things I love about this time of year, and also post about the not so great stuff to see which list is bigger...I know kinda weird, but I am so hoping that I can find more to love than not love....and if that is not the case maybe just maybe I need to do a bit of soul searching huh?

1~Driving around, and seeing the lights, coming up on a new one every day. :)
2~The magic in a small child's eyes.
3~Seeing family you may not have seen in quite sometime.
4~The goodies (smirk not good for ya but ya know)
5~Bringing in the christmas tree, and the smell of it, also going along with this one is the hunting of the christmas tree. :)
6~After the house is all decorated, the magic that is the decorations, sigh is there anything better than sitting back after it is all done, with coco in hand, just looking at the christmas tree twinkle.
7~Taking home-made ornaments out of the boxes, and thinking back to the the time when said child made that. :)
8~the surprise as the person gets the gift "they always" wanted.
9~The break from work (ok being honest here who doesn't love time off) LOL
10~The music, I have 5 or 6 CD that I play the crap out of every year. bring a smile to my face just to have them I sing at the top of my lungs, while making the cookies errr peanut butter balls. (course for some that know, I don't sing well so this my be part of my families uuuuggg list LOL)
11~Again back to the smell, of the bright candles, homemade food, and the christmas tree...siiigh, is there a nicer smell in all the world.
12~Getting up VERY early christmas morning, and waiting to see when the other are going to get up. Kind of an alone time.
13~Getting christmas cards in the mail, sometimes from people who you haven't heard from, it is nice to know that you are not forgot.
So you see my friends all is not lost, I can still have the sprit..hehehe ok now on to my "other list" here is hoping it is alot shorter:
1~The cold, ish, my feet will never be warm LOL
2~The rude people, OMG what brings these people out...ya wanna just say, HEY HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS WILL YA!!
3~The money crunch, it always seems like there is never enough to go around, and we could do more. Then again maybe it is time to teach our children the "true meaning"
Guess what I can't think of more.....woooohoooo all is not lost. I got to dwelling the other day about all the bad stuff, and I guess I just needed a mental kick up the backside. I am glad I took the time to really think about this. I will be checking in on this list from time to time, when things start to get hetic, to remember what this season is really about. I hope you all do to. It gets one back on track real easy.

The reason for this "list" persay, I have had some really really bad news from friends of mine here lately, at least 4 people I know either have serious illness themselves, or they are watching a loved one go through a serious illness....I don't know it seems the older I get the more I am faced with my mortality, and it is a scary thing. And my thoughts lately have been kind of dark and depressing, so I just thought I would really see what is important, and what is not...ya know?? Ok ramble done here. Hope all is well....and here comes the (((((HUGS)))))

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Thursday, December 02, 2004

What's new~~

So hey I can finally post again...this silly thing hasn't been working all week. Then again not much going on here. It is getting cold. Son has been sick, and practice is killing me. LOL, well no not really, but dang somedays it just seems to go round and round...Ok now I got that song from Ratt running around in my head, sorry you all prolly now got it going on in your head now too...LOL.

Got my hair cut, and I tell ya I need neck and ears are FREEZING!! Amanda and Brandon got new hair doos too. (hope that is how you spell it, it looks wrong) anyhow, we are all fine, just gearing up for christmas, and the birthdays of the month. Woooohooo!! I have been working most of the week, so I am pretty tired. We finally got more pirates casted, and there is another play that we (amanda and I) might try out for....Steel Magnolias...I don't know most of the parts are HUGE, so I may not go for it, and lord knows the southern drawl is really not my thang. But I would love to do it. Still on the thinking part here...who knows~~right?? Anyhow that is about all...I really just wanted to check in with ya all and see how you was doing. Hope everthing is well in your worlds. (((((HUGS)))))

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