Sunday, November 28, 2004

It's all good~~

Dinner yesterday was wonderful...if I don't say so myself. thank goodness I don't cook like that all the time, or I would have some serious weight problems, well more than I do now anyways. Everything turned out great. Was nice, just us and friends, good company, the way it should be. OHHH don't I repeate DON'T rent the movie, Perfect Strangers...OMG what a wacko movie that was. Weird doesn't even begin to describe that one...LMAO course I got a good teasing from the guys about that one I picked. We did however rent Steppford Wives, the first one, and I gotta say, it is better IMO than the second one, course I read the original that could be why I liked it better. Although the twist at the end of the second one was kinda unexpected.

Oh I forgot to post yesterday...took me 20 to 30 minutes at the store the other day, why you ask...buying allergy meds for me and my daughter. Of course we are on 2 different kinds, and meth freeks have made it almost impossible for us to buy the stuff. First I had to stand in line at the pharmacy for regular sudifed, then I had to go to the service desk to get my Cleretin D, and stand in line a real quicky trip to the store took like well I don't know but it seemed like it took FOREVER!! OMG, to have to be IDed just to buy damn allergy meds...what the hell?!? But well I guess if it stops or slows down the freeks who make and sell the stuff, then that would be good. I remember I went to a training a couple of years back, and you guys would be amazed at what the cut into the stuff. I was like, OHHH that is real smart putting THAT in your body. Anyhow that is my rant for today....not a bad one. I guess just a pain in the arse one. I remember reading somewhere for someone this same rant...they lived on the east coast...I eerrr ummm guess us out west are a bit slow in this, so I am sure you all have already put up with this one for awhile. HHMMM I wonder IF it is any faster at the drug store?? Speaking of Rite Aid, is I swear the slowest drug store in town..I called in Amanda's perscription...asked for them to cut it in half so I wouldn't pay the whole amount at once...and they still werent ready a week later...this is like the 3rd or 4th time I have had to wait, last time it took, 3 days for them to get it ready...what the hell if they are that short handed maybe they might wanna think about hiring someone else. I don't know I guess I am getting more impatient with age or something..but it really shouldn't take 3 days to get something ready...or am I being bad?

Anyhow I am sure now that the christmas season is upon us...waiting in line will be pretty much the norm...YUCK. Speaking of, I am feeling that christmas crunch, and the whole comercialism of it all...I don't know about any of you..but I am getting tired of stressing over it. It seems like the true meaning of it is lost in all the shopping, and preparing....SIIIIGH, every year it seems like the same thing, worry, worry, worry...when it shouldn't be that way at all. BIG SIIIIGH again, I hope this year things work out where everyone isn't all stressed and stuff. I guess that really is up to me how I feel about it huh? So ok, I am off here to get some stuff done, today wonder what kind of trouble I can get into today?? Have a great day ladies!! Hope to talk with ya real soon. :)

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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Back to normal~~

AAAHHHH, HUBBY IS HOME!! And my smile is back. And yep he got himself a nice elk. A 5 point. Guess I need to learn how to cook the stuff huh? LOL, no a few weeks back I made a real nice stew out of some elk our neighbor had made, so I think all will be good in that department (at least I hope so) Anyhow they came home last night, and life is GOOOOD!! Love that man of mine!! Ok so anyhow glad to hear you all had a safe and happy thanksgiving. We are doing our celebrating today, so it is 5 am, and I am about ready to go get "personal" with a 22 lb turkey, wish me luck girls. So anyhow, I am off here, just a short note to say hi...and let ya know things are back to normal around here!! Love to each and everyone of ya!!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Wrapping up the week....

Gosh this week has been....something. Yep something is the only word I can use. I have been working, then home for a quick bite to eat, and off to practice. I really never noticed how much slack hubby does actually pick up around here. I guess that is just the way it is...I MISS HIM SO MUCH!! LOL, ya know I try to be this independant woman, and nope, I am a sorry sap. He is due back Saturday, and let me tell ya he best have gotten something for all this. Been doing so much night driving, normally he does that cause I hate it. and to add to the dark, we have this mist sprinkle stuff which makes it all the worse. Oh well, tonight is the last practice until after he gets back, so that will be good. So after much to-do amanda has decided to be in the play after a back up pirate...HMMMMM course her boyfriend sighning up MIGHT have something to do with it...YA THINK??? LMAO Anyhow, the play is going pretty well and all. Oh work is going too. Been in my old classroom again, and all I can say the heck did I do it~~draggin my hiney off to be there at 7:00 am? Must be due to the fact that I don't really have a scheldule, so that is why it is so hard to get up now. I go in today at 11:00 till 2:30, then off to pay some bills(again Joe's job) and off to buy the thanksgiving feast. This year we will be celebrating ours on saturday. It will be me, hubby, kids, and our good 8 to cook for won't be bad at all. Saturday you say, why is that...well the "men folk" won't be back till then, and we figured it really doesn't matter what day you celebrate just as long as ya do...right?? So tomorrow, my friend and I will do something nice with the kids, prolly dinner with movies, or something like that. Then have the big thing on saturday. As I sit down and remember all that I am thankful for know gals that each and everyone of you are on my list this year...I am so thankful for all the love and support you have given me through this year(some of ya longer than this year) but just know that you all are on my list of thankful things. and I am truly blessed to have you in my life. Even if it is through a keyboard and screen. the friendships are still very real, and much appreciated. So on that note I leave you with a wish that you all have a great thanksgiving holiday this year!! ((((HUGS))))) and love to all!! :D :D :D

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Friday, November 19, 2004

Good Morning....

Wow, it has been almost a week since my latest post. It has been a pretty busy week with me working most of it. Which is a good thing a very good thing. I managed to get over 20 hrs this last week. which is alot more than I have been getting. I guess it worked to let people know I am available, and not just for my old center. Hehehehe. It was a pretty fun week. Working in different classrooms, and seeing different teachers and different styles of teaching.

Anyhow not much else has gone on this week, I talked with my mother thursday night, a phone call I had been dreading.....See, I can't do much for christmas this will be extreamly tight, more so than normal (due to the fact that I didn't work for 3 months) and I am also not getting anywhere close to the hours I was the money is just not there. It is OK I have have come to terms with it....we will just have a small christmas this year. But I was pretty worried that my mother wanted us to travel this year to her house...seeing that will take 2 full tanks of gas, at about $60.00 I just couldn't see the logic in this. Also providing the big meal, was going to be a stretch...Mom said, I don't want to stress over it, and I DON'T WANT YOU TO STRESS OVER IT. Whew, so who knows it might be beans and homemade bread this year. Ok that is in inside thing. Hubby has a childhood memory, I guess one christmas they were doing pretty bad, and instead of turkey with all the trimmings they had navey bean soup, and homemade bread...he says everytime he smells those smells he thinks of that christmas, and fondly. Isn't it funny how we as adults can look back on that stuff. Of course then we were prolly feeling pretty jipped.

Anyhow our plans for christmas are still up in the air. Also please say a prayer for my oldest sister....she has something intestional going on, this condition has been going on for over a year and they don't know what it is. She goes through extream boughts of pain (cramping) and can't keep anything down, or is she does she has the "the other end problem" She has lost 40lbs. So this is another reason my mom is not stressing over christmas....IF we can get my sister out of the hospital for the holidays that will be a good thing. Mom said she has been in the hospital prolly a good 10 times throughout the year, with no success in finding out what is wrong. They mentioned sugery, my my sis said NO....not just no but HELL NO!!!!! When she had my nephew 13 years ago,(C-section) she got a terrible infection, and every since that she has been afraid to death of sugery. I really can't blame her, it was very very bad. I am pretty worried about this, and was not aware of how bad the situation was/is. Sure hope she is ok.

The kids are fine, pretty much normal I guess....LOL. Had a "thing" with Amanda earlier in the week....all the old feelings of helplessness came back. Seems as IF I might have spoken too soon....I don't know, she is super stressed this week, she has a HUGE project due, and it has become a pain in the ass for her, and she is not dealing well with the stress. That is the thing, everyone has off days, or bitchy times, but with Bi-polars EVERYTHING is SO MUCH MORE. SIIIIGH. She had commented that I have been kinda bitchy lately, so fine I am back on my meds again too. So we will see what happens in the next few weeks, please say another prayer that things don't turn on us again, I just cringe at the thought of going through all that again.

Son is fine, he is working on a project for a class that involves him making a robot, heheheehe he tore apart an old sterio and found 10 motors in it, so those will be donated for his super robot. I wonder how well it will go. He has been super quite lately...which makes me go HMMMMMM.

Hubby leaves tonight on a week long hunting/camping trip....SIIIIGH, ok deary I get a week one of these weeks...Ya think?? LOL, wish him luck, that he gets an elk. Well this is prolly long enough for all of ya, hope to hear from ya, and hope everyone if feeling good.....((((HUGS)))) to all!!!

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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Early Saturday Morning~~

Good Morning, all it is about 4:30 on Saturday morning, can we all say it is gunna be a long day?? LOL, I don't know my sleep pattern is prolly messed up again. But I do that alot. I have been working for the past few days, nothing new there...cept it is work. I also work alot next week, so I may not have much time for reading and whatnot..but I never forget about ya.

Last night we "movied out" we watched Stepford Wives, now I read that book over the summer, and just had to get the movie...was alot different than the book, I may have to dig around to see if I can find the book, and read it again....the movie was pretty good IMO, and it did explain alot more than the book. In the book it never really says why the woman go beserk, and it left you hanging...with Nichole Kidman's character going beserk, and that was the end. So yep I was glad to see closure on that part of it. We also watched Day after tomorrow, it was pretty good...errrr well what I watched of it. LMAO I hate it when I am watching a movie and I doze off and gets very confussing..hehehehe and hubby just rolls his eyes at me.

So not much to post about this morning, guess I just wanted to say HI....I think here pretty quick I am gunna get off here, and start on my house it early, and get it done...then maybe I won't have to think about it all weekend. I really do hate house work, and can never seem to stay caught up. Any clues as to how to stay caught up??? Anyhow so you all have a great day, ((((HUGS))))

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Testing again....

Alright peeps please leave comments, to help me see if this works......I sure hope so. Kim, thanks girl!!

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Test post~~~

This is a test to see of the comment thingy will work......cross fingers, toes, and anything else...LOL

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This and that~~~

Todays blog is just this and that stuff that has been rolling around in my little head for a couple of days now. Over the weekend, my computer had a huge brain fart thing go on...hubby had to reset the date internet kept wanting to sign on, I don't know if I do have a virus, and my scan is not picking it up, or if the kids downloaded a program that kept prompting us to go on the internet or what...but it seems to be fixed..for now, and hopefully for a good long time.

Do you guys ever notice, that it is always the same crap that bothers a person, seems to be over and over and that just a learning lesson, could it be that I am just too hard headed for my own good, or I don't listen, or change things quick enough?? I have no idea. But whatever it is, I guess I need to work on it perhaps. I am talking about work, I guess I am just feeling burn out or heart is just not in it anymore. siiiigh, I sure wish decisions weren't so complicated. And life was just poof all peachy keen. Anyhow that is all I am going to discuss here about it, there are things, I just don't know if they should be publicly bloged about. Ya know.....?

Ok, so another comments thing is messed up, anyone got answers for me??? Please help. Ohhhh and Kim, can you send that virus scan link again, when we redid the blog we lost it. and if anyone has a free pop-up blocker, that is good can you send that link to me too...thanks in advance!! Alrighty then I am done for the and hugs to ya all~~~ :D

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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Sign in here if'n ya wanna be linked.....

Hey so sign up here if'n ya wanna be linked up....There are people I do read daily here is a list, and if you are not on here don't be insulted...I prolly just couldn't find your most days I read: The three that are already there, Traci(tattooed texan), Belles blog, Tigs, Patty's, Teach's, Rhonda Elizabeth, KCs, And ooohhh goodness I am sure I forgot a whole bunch...let me know K....:D

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Did it work????

So hey, what you guys think, nope you are in the right place, I just finally got around to doing what do ya think...too cutsie, is it me? I like it, for now, LMAO. I have two people to thank for helping me get this done, Terri who a long long time ago, first talked with me about making the changes here, and sending me the link to view all the nice blogskins...I wouldn't have started it hadn't you sent me there in the first place. And Kim, who really did all the work, setting up a template and all...thanks ladies, I owe ya, I know I know...I always owe ya!! Have a great day gals!!!

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Friday, November 05, 2004


I guess I didn't get the job...didn't even get to dazzle them with my BS, cause they didn't call me for an interview, siiiiigh!! So I sat around here most of the day all mopy and shit, I know I shouldn't have...but now I am getting to the point where I want out of my job so bad...isn't that funny how one can change just like that, and I know it really wasn't me they didn't like as they liked someone better, yeah whatever that really doesn't help at this point. And I figure why people stay at dead end jobs they don't like cause the rejection of this is just awful, makes one feel real great about themselves....NOT!! And I know there are many more applications I can put in, and many more moments of feeling just like I did today, (rollin my eyes here cause is it really worth it?) anyhow, I will get off this kick here soon, cause I also know in the grand scheme of things, my life isn't all that bad, I just wished, and got my hopes up, like I knew I shouldn't have. Ahhh but there will be a next time, I am sure.....(((HUGS)))) to ya all!!!

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Hey for those of you who do recieve e-mail from me occasionally, I got an email today from my mother....luckly it wouldn't open. So if you get something from me that is titled: Enclosure...don't I repeate DON'T open it.

Weird thing is my nortons is expired, but I guess that just means I am still running the older version...I know I know, I need a new one, but financies the way they are it will be a bit longer before I get the newer version. Ok so I hope this silly thing doesn't attatch itself to my addy book, and spread....well you have been warned. Love to ya all.

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Good morning

I have been lurkin around the blogs, and am glad to see everyone had a great halloween. I went into work yesterday, only to come my cold is now moved down to my chest...and I sound and feel bad. So I will take today off as well, it is weird cause I normally would have worked....but that is the beauty of subbing....and part of the reason I decided to sub in the first place. I felt bad for my lead teacher as it stressed her morning out, then she also had another stressful situation...:( but then again that is why she gets paid the "big bucks" LOL I find it interesting that I go back to work and what 3 weeks later I end up sick again...HMMMM wonder if this is my bodies way of telling me something like, "Oh yeah~~GET A NEW JOB!!!" I think it has been screeming it at me for some time now, lol...and I am finally listening. Anyhow so today, I am going to try and get all our decorations down...seperate them, into what are my two friends, what is mine...ect. Then I will move into the fall stuff. I have a moutain of laundry in mine and hubbies room, and stuff. And if I don't feel better, I am not going into work tomorrow, only problem is my check will be shite. :( and that is never good.

I also skipped play practice last night, and will tonight...if I am home sick, I am not going in. OHHHH you all know the saying hindsight is 20/20~~well we will more than likely have a case of that....we may lose Wendy in the play....and well IF Amanda hadn't quit the part would have gone to her seeing as she was the understudy. Siiiiiigh, then again I don't really know if she wants it, she is honest to goodness trying to keep her grades up, and do all the homework stuff. I am soooo proud of her. A teacher from last year who she also has this year commented on how much better she is doing this year vrs. last year...that made her grin. And me too.

So life here, is pretty good cept me coughing my guts up....siiigh, a big welcome to fall for me huh? Take care all and hope to hear from ya!! ((((HUGS))))

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