Sunday, October 31, 2004

Whew, what a night....

Last night halloween party, went off pretty well if I don't say so myself. I won't be having to cook for awhile, as we loaded up on stuff. Not many showed up, but those that did I think had a good time. There was food, dancing, candy, laughing, visiting, and just general fun. Both my kids
girl/boy friend were there. Funny stuff, Amanda's boyfriend, is as tall as Brandon's girlfriend is short. Hehehehe both couples are sorta a mutt and jeff kinda thing. I tell ya people, I am NEVER going to make it through these "dating years" Now it seems as if my son, is going to go through all of it...goodness, most of the night was spent, trying to get these two couples to do something other than "snuggle" HHMMMMM and embarassment, both my kids were involved. LOL. Brandon's girlfriend is a sweet girl, she was in the last play we did, I really like her. Just found out though that my boy child got busted for PDA (public dissplay of affection) at school, he got detention cause of supposidly he kissed her on the cheek, IMO no biggie, but the little turd didn't tell me about it....HHHMMMMMM. That son O mine I tell ya!!

For costumes we had:

Jack and Sally from Nightmere before christmas (Amanda and her b/f)
the Goth Vampire couple (Brandon and his date)
Two Very Neerdie people (Joe and I)
A Witch, My girl friend
A Little Devil my other girl friend
A 70s dude, Brandon's best friend LMAO, they did perfect on that costume. White leasure suit, black shirt, compleate with Medialion and afro. hehehehe ;-)
Oh and lets not forget my friends 4 year old, made a perfect Gorilla. Hehhehehe he was very cute. Anyhow I just wish more people would have came...but all in all it was fun. Hope the kids felt the same way.

Hey guys, have a great and safe day today!!!
Don't let the gouls, and gobblins get ya!!

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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Food for thought.....well sorta,

Ok so family and I just got back from seeing Dracula, at our theatre...and it was pretty good, Bram Stoker's version. Anyhow so we know the guy that got the lead....he did very well, him and his wife are just real sweet, nice of course Hubby says, geee there sure was alot of kissing in that, now mind you I said, him and his of course, we have to ask ourselves if we could or would do it...and would it bother the other...Hubby is all like nope wouldn't bother me a bit...well I am like, DUUUHHH, it would bother the shit out of me (well really I guess pending on who it was, and if they were his "type" ya know.) So here I sit puzzled, no not mad...just kinda like should it bother me? And why the hell wouldn't it bother him...shouldn't it? LMAO ok the kinda stuff we talk about is pretty crazy huh? So throw me in some thoughts on this....Would it bother any of you? Would it bother you s/o? if not would ya be irked? Should ya be? Anyhow, that is my ramble tonight, pretty weird one huh? And no we are not fighting about it it was just one of them things that made me go..HHHMMMMM.

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Thursday, October 28, 2004


Teal, this is kind of a pretty color, sure hope you all can see it. Today is thrusday, I did go into work, for a 2 and a half hour shift....all was pretty ok, cept I am the only person I know who takes time off work just to stay home and be sick...yep the yearly october cold, thing is here...I get sick every year at this time...kinda sucks. And this year I have sooo much to do, I can't even begin to know where to start....siiiigh, alls I wanna do is crawl back in bed, pull the covers over my head, and not come out till I am breathing right again....OH well, guess not.

We are having a party on Sat...going with the mexican theme of things, having chips, salsa, nacho/taci bar, I will even try and make small burittos(sp??) so it should be pretty fun. Not to mention cookies, brownies, and all the sweet stuff that goes along with a party. Also Friday night we are going to go see our theatres version of Bram Stocker's Dracula...should be pretty fun. Trying to decide what hubby and i should dress up as, if we are going to go that route...I don't know every year it sneaks up on me. HHMMMM any thoughts? Anyhow, you all have a great day and hope all is well in your corners of the world. BTW, I haven't heard from the city for that job interview, should I be worried? LOL, nope as I said if I don't get it, I don't...but it sure would be nice, as I sniffle with yet another blasted COLD!!!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Just a bit of stuff today~~

Well today's post is just a couple few thing that are on my mind, and yep read closly cause I am gunna drop names...LOL but only in a good way.

Terri~I am so sorry, I was suppose to get ahold of ya yesterday, and wouldn't you know it I got all busy and stuff. If you continue reading you will see with what. But I am sorry, girl one of these days our timimg will be better. I so miss chatting with you.

Rhonda~While reading yesterdays blogs, I glanced at your quit-0-meter, girl I gotta say I am VERY impressed at all your hard work...coming from a smoker that says ALOT. Have you checked it latley, wow, I can't believe the number of cigs you haven't smoked, and the amount of money you have saved. Diz gives ya a huge pat on the back, for a job well done. That has to be one of the hardest things you have done.

Ok, now on to my day yesterday....stayed home, as you all know, but wouldn't ya know it things got all busy, no time for me to relax...after making the kids a nice breakfast, and their lunches, and getting them all off for their day...I decide to make myself breakfast...and wouldn't you know it, I go to grab an egg out of the fridge, and SPLAT on the floor it goes...but not in the gentle way eggs should be handled....gosh I never realized have quick yolk runs...YUCK what a mess that this kinda gives the tone for my day. LOL

Then I go to finish my application, and OMG they want all previous work history...well geeze back before I had my kids I worked at about 4 different food service, cashier kinda things, with 2 collages thrown in...and about 4 moves YIKES and they want the months...I was getting all stressed over it...finally I gave it a huge F~~~IT and filled in the best I could, sure hope I was close, who the heck cares about jobs that were what 18 or 19 years ago. Then I managed to go and fill our the personal references, and for the life of me I can't remember whos phone number is of course I mucked it all up, thank god for my very bestest G/F right up the road, and white out, whatever did we do without that stuff. So we get it all fixed up...and then off to drop it off, well my friend says come after 1:00 and I will copy of it for you so we/you don't have to go through this again, nice offer, but at 1:15 she still wasn't there. So prolly today, I will write down those dates, along with all my reference info, and phone number while the information is still fresh in my head. So then I head over there, and of course on the job description it says they want someone who can comunicate well...course I trip over my tounge, and end up says something like, Visitor....Senitor(where that came from I have no idea, sure wish the election was over than the political crap can go right on out of my brain.) I stop mid sentance, and say "no, it is Information Centor Manager" Diz rolls her eyes at herself. So something I really didn't want to turn into a big thing...has.....story of my life.

Anyhow then off to the bank, the kids had given me a HUGE list and of course joe gives me some money to cover but not enough, he says go get some out of the bank, direct deposit didn't I didn't get anywhere near the amount I needed....So I was running around deciding what not to get...took forever, and yep you guessed it RAINING to beat the band around here....siiiiigh gunna be a long wet winter I tell ya. So finally I got all my crap done, I didn't get home till around much for rest, and kiddies get home at 4 then is the dinner rush, then off to practice, course I blew every guess yesterday was just one of those it is off to beddy bye for me, well nope course I can't sleep and Joey god love him is snoring his fool head off....double siiiigh here. LMAO ok, so yesterday wasn't that "relaxing" wonder what today will hold, please wish me luck. :) (((((HUGS)))) to ya my friends from a frazzled Dizster!!!

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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Update for vacation~~~~

how bout green today~~hope you like. Anyhow yesterday was spent updating my resume...good lord I don't like doing that. So it is done, and I am pretty much ready to drop off my application on monday. I went in and met my new Doc yesterday he seemed pretty nice. No I am not sick, lets just say I may have caught something at work. Egads I hope not. Anyhow....another thing on my mind is the possibility of a new job. I really don't want to get my hopes up to much on this. But I will share with you guys what it is. It is with the City so I would have benifits and such, and start out making $300.00 More than I did full time where I am at now. I would be Manager of the Visitor Information Center. Yep, that is it...when people come in and ask what there is to do in this town, i would steer them in the right direction. I don't know it sounds like an interesting and fun opportunity. And I honestly think after working in the chaos I have been in for 10 years this might just be the ticket. Only one problem, every year we have our founding celebration and I would be in on that would prolly be a very crazy hetic thing to be involved in, and I am not sure I can do it...but here is hoping. Who knows IF I don't get this one it may be time to really start looking. I think having the summer off really helped me put my life in perspective, and to be honest I am finally ready to let my working with kids go, not that it is a bad is just exhausting. And I really think I am burnt out, there I finally admitted it. LOL Well that is about all for my rambles today, I sure hope all of you are well and having a safe and wonderful weekend!!! (HUGS) to ya all!!!

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Thursday, October 21, 2004

someone pass the cheese, I need some with my whine tonight.....

OMFG, so yesterday, I was so achey I didn't think I was gunna make it through work, felt like the flu...I don't know, so I didn't even go to practice...I was super tired, achey, and upset....I was bawling, and just felt like doo-doo. So hubby says go and take a hot bath...I did, followed by 2 tylenol PMs......6:30 this morning I crawl out, and felt still drugged, and not even ready drive, so I called, the had a small cup of coffee, showered...still feeling like crap, I went in....and let me tell ya, I will never take two of those again, I took them at 7:30 thinking they would have worn off, but dang I didn't perk up till about noon. Maybe next time, I should only take one huh? But my acheys are gone. That is good very good....nother good thing is I am on vacation or rest time, I am not going in next week, well I am for 2 1/2 hour shift (only cause it is kinda a mandatory kinda thing and no one else is qualified to cover) but I WILL NOT WORK ANYMORE...I PROMISE.

So you may ask what am I going to be doing absoultly nothing...:D:D:D:D I never did rest after I found out about Amanda, and the after the initial diagnosis I worried ALOT...there are 2 types of Bi-polar and bi-polar 1 is very very bad....these people can do some pretty awful things, so I worried about that, then realized no she is bi-polar 2. And now that things have calmed down so much, I feel a much needed break for me. So as of today I start!!! WOOOOOHOOOO, I am gunna turn in that application tomorrow, and IF I get called for an interview I will clue ya all in on what it is, right now no since since I don't know much....all right peeps, have a great day!! Much love and (((((HUGS))))) to ya!!!!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Here is hoping I make it till Friday, I can't for the life of me understand how I did this shift before, every damn day. That is pretty much all I wanted to post today...gets old huh? Me whinning and stuff...sorry bout that. :(

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Monday, October 18, 2004

Another week,

Gosh it is the start of another week, and yep I am gunna be working my hiney off (sure wish that was literally lol) anyhow, I am going to be at almost 40 hrs again this week. LMAO everytime someone sees me at work, they say "so much for retirement" Ok that makes me sound VERY old. But in a way it is true, so much for relaxing, and having time to myself. PFFFFT~~Anyhow so if I don't get much time on here I am still thinking of all of you, and wishing the best for each and everyone of ya!!! I am sure by friday I will be zonked. But I am taking next week off (THE WHOLE BLOOMING WEEK) Kiddies want to have a halloween party, so I get to clean, and cook, and should be pretty fun......well the party part.

Anyhow not much to say, hope all of you have a great monday, and I will catch ya later!! ((((HUGS))))

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Sunday, October 17, 2004

And now just for fun....

I got this from KC site, I don't know is it me?

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Good Morning~~~

Ok so it is almost 4 am and I am up, gosh the sun is not even close to being up. Ya know I asked my Doc if the Cleritin could make me not sleep, he says No, there isn't anythig in those to make ya not sleep, eeerr Wrong answer doc...I took one this evening ( I figured with Boo-Kitty I needed to start them again) well guess what I am up, haven't slept worth crap tonight...but that is ok, it could be worse. We use melatonin with my daughter, and I was thinking HHMMMMM maybe just maybe I might give it a try. I am tired of being on the anti-depressants, and other than my sleep I don't see that they are doing much. Well they are or should I say were, but honestly I think things are so much better.

Progress reports came in yesterday....Amanda didn't get anything below a C....can we all say Wooooohooooo!!! I am so proud, and happy for her, I can really honestly see a change. Amazing what a difference a month, and proper meds have made for her. Gosh guys I can't express how much this all means to me. She was reading in her diary from last year....she says to me "gosh mom I was such a bitch" I just looked at her and said, "honey, you didn't even write most of it" So she asked "how did you live with me?" My answer simple, "Love" I know that I prolly talk about this too much, but I have to say for those parents out there.....if you suspect anything "different" or "wrong" with your child...don't be scared, get them help. Don't explain it aways as a PHASE, HORMONES, OR JUST A BAD TEMPER, OR THEY WILL OUTGROW IT. Those are the words I used, and let me tell you i was sooo wrong. Her smile is back, god how I missed it. Anyhow that is enough about that.

Brandon also did pretty good on his progress report, he has a couple of classes we need to pay a bit more attention too....but we will. I swear I am going to get these kids through all this. And we all will be better in the end. AAHHH to be a parent. I tell ya there is nothing more satisfying than seeing you children succeed. On the other hand nothing worse than seeing them make the same mistakes you did. :) live and learn is what they will have to do though.

On another note, hubby saw an advertisement for a different job for me, he picked me up an application, and I am gunna go for it. I will post more about it, if it turns into something...meaning IF I even get called for the interview. I am looking at it like this: If I get it, it is time for me to change careers, if not, well I guess I will continue working with the kiddies. So cross fingers for the fates to hit me upside the head, LMAO sometimes that is what it takes to make me change my life.

Anyhow all of ya have a great day...K!! ((((HUGS))))

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Saturday, October 16, 2004


Nope that was not meant to scare ya~~it is the name of our new pet. A black kitty. :) So here I was on a field trip, and there is this drawing on the board...well after thinking on it, I decided my daughter needed something to love. I went ahead and picked the little critter up. I know most of you are scratching your heads about my allergies, but hey there is always Cleritin-D right? LOL, no I just got to a point where I feel she (hell all of us) needed a pet. A little furry one. I don't know why I did it, I just did. And he is soo cute, and funny. Loves to hide and loves to play. So wish me luck that the silly little kitty doesn't make me too sick. Actually I think I will be fine, as his box and all his trappings are in our daughters room. He hasn't ventured out too much to the main part of the house yet. He is really showing attatchment to Amanda, which is good, as he will be her pet. I just wanted something for her, I don't know if this was the right thing...but she seems to love him, and he her. Right now he is still a bit skittish at the rest of us. I am sure he will warm up to us soon. It was funny last night, Joey was holding him, and could tell he wanted to play real bad, but then he would remember that nope he was in a strange no play. Anyhow he is about 12 weeks old, and pure black, with a little reddish tinge to him. He is kinda small yet, but I am sure that is his age, and OMG when he finally relaxed enought to eat, the dang thing "pigged out" LMAO. So hey Boo-Kitty welcome to our house. :)

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Friday, October 15, 2004

so where did everyone go???

Diz sniffs armpits, nope I put deodrant on, did I offend cause no one is ever on anymore to chat with me....:( HHHMMM so where are you guys hanging out am I missing something? I am kinda needing a chat or hey guys where ya been? I know life gets busy or kicks ya in the ass, but hey that is what I am here for to lend an ear. (or in this case a screen/keyboard) anywho I just wanted to say...I MISS YOU PEOPLE, and anytime anyone is up for a chat let me know.

OHHH BTW, Kim is helping me work on getting my blog all pretty and stuff....woooohoooo THANKS KIM in advance!! I sure hope you all like it, and please let me know if'n ya want to be linked up. have a great day gals!!! ((((HUGS)))))

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Good morning~~~~

How is everyones day going so far? Great I hope. Today is the first day I have gotten any time off...YIKES, it is so funny I went from no hours to LOTS of hours. I think I posted about it yesterday, but the lady that I have been covering for is working my old shift, so it has been "like the good old days" hehehehehe. But weird as I am not really a "team member" or rather a "staff member" But that is ok. I will be covering for her next week also, as she wanted some vacation it is another full week. Our sub list is a flipping joke...than again we did just have a training for new subs...I sure hope they work out. It feels great having the morning to myself....I didn't get up till 7:30 and good for me, as I haven't slept in since god only knows when. Big brag about my hubby, he leans over me, asking if I needed to get up, I say no he creeps out of the room leaving me to sleep, and gets the kids off for their day...GOTTA LOVE A MAN LIKE THAT!!! (xxxx's-ooooo's to my Joey man) LOL, for those of you who don't know much about him, well I have been with him since I was 16 years old, and he is just about the best hubby any woman can ask for, sure he has his faults, but then again so do I....Our faults mesh very nicely, I would say. and the most important thing is he love me for me....SIIIIIGH. Ok enough with the mushy crap as I am sure most of ya don't want to hear it. LOL

My daughter is doing least that is what I feel. It is so good to see her smile, and like life again. Gone is the surly woman, child...she now smiles all the time, it is like she had lost that smile and it is back...and let me tell you I LOVE IT!! It almost moved me to tears yesterday just knowing that she is finally happy.

I tell ya, I feel as if life is good now adays...sure hope it stays that way!

((((((BIG HUGS TO YA ALL)))))))

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

What have we been doing??

~~~well you may or may not be asking what has the dizster been up to? Well peeps not much cept WORK, WORK, AND YEP MORE WORK. LMAO I went from no hours to almost full time. The lady who took my position has had some health issues so I have been subing for her all week. And let me tell ya I know now why I quit to begin with LOL. Actually it is going pretty well, as I don't really have to get involved in the class room politics, and I can just be there to play with the kids, if things get to out of hand, I don't have to be the deciplinarian. WOOOOHOOOO! I can just hand them over to someone else. About work, I keep saying...SOMETHINGS NEVER CHANGE! hehehehe the political BS is still there, and all the lovely things that go with it, but I am out of the loop so to speak, and for once it is great to be out of the loop.

Here on the home front things have been busy, busy, that play thing going, and no rest time for us. Joey went out yesterday and trimed the roses, and brought me in some...along with some cosmos...LMFAO he also brought in two giant spiders with what should have been a romantic thing turned into a YUCK, HONEY those are the nastiest spiders I have seen..and really they were. I didn't want him to get rid of the flowers just the spiders. Poor guy always trying to do something nice, but nope. I had to laugh though. He is off hunting during the I pretty much get to wait on him...last weekend I refussed to stay home and went to the beach instead(that will prolly be our last beach day for the season) the water was COLD, course I didn't go in, but watched my daughter and her friends turn blue (well they didn't but it was cold) a good time was had by all so that is what counts.

I hope this finds you all well and good, I am still lurking and reading your blogs, I just haven't posted much...SORRY. Remember I am still thinking about all of ya. OHHH and I really do want to change blog skins, I found the one i want I just don't know how to get it on here...anyone up for helping me prolly sunday?? Thanks in anvance. Well peeps time for me to get off here shower and get my hiney to work...have a great day...and (((((HUGS)))))

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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Wow, it has been almost a week~~~

And life here has been busy. On the theatre front, we did a small preformance last night, with Peter, Wendy, John, Michael, and the Nanny (with me stepping in as the Nanny, I don't know IF I will get the part permanantly or not, either way is fine with me) Those kids worked their hiney's off to get ready for last night and they did great!!! Amanda has decided to not be the under-study, as she felt she was falling behind in her school work....way to go Amanda (if that is the real reason she quit) I also think she didn't need the stress of it all. I was sad to see her quit, but also am glad that she made such a responsible decision. Her life has been stressful enough, without adding that, so I hope it all works well for her. She seems to be in better sprits lately, I don't know if it is the meds, or just getting squared away, or the new group of people she is hanging with, or what...but her moods seem to have imroved lately, let's hope it lasts!! I have also been easing up and giving her a bit more freedom. OHHH but get this, the gal that she took off with last spring, IMed her out of the blue, boy was that girl surprised to find it was me on the computer instead of amanda, and then the little chit lied to me(the girl not Amanda)...told me she was someone else...PFFFT, If she thinks I am that stupid well she needs to think again!!!

So after a real busy week, I get home last night, and my bestest girl friend calls..."come out with us Liz, Lizzy, Lizzard"...Ok I am thinking she didn't need anymore to drink, but hey what the hell so I went out and kicked up my heals a bit....AHHHHHH did I need to just cut loose just a bit...WEEEEEE!! LOL.

So anyhow those are my rambles today. I sure hope everyone is well....((((HUGS)))))

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