Monday, September 27, 2004

Done at last~~~

Well last night of the play was super, sure wish we would have had all that energy the whole time....but I guess that is the wonders of working with teens. We had so man adlibs going on last night, everyone was getting into the action. And the potluck went very very well. All in all it was a great night, and even the video wasn't all that bad. Course I have to cringe at myself when I see it. The director plays the gutiar and he will be giving Brandon now the money I spent on it won't be wasted. LMAO, he brought it to the potluck, and after we ate, and watched the video, he sang for us....I came in after a cig break, and he was playing an old one...I can't remember the name if it, all the people were singing along...after he was done he says "And now for the Def Leppard fan....and went into a rendition of Too Late for Love...Hehehehhe I was just a grinning and a grinning. Course the only people sining with him were my family as no one else knew it.....but it was very nice of him and gave me a smile. Anyhow out with Pocohantas in with Peter Pan...woooohooo. For next August the board has approved Charlotte's Web, which I am happy to announce my Joey will be assistant directing. Weeeeee!! LMAO I can't believe we are getting into this so much. Well gals that is about it, HAPPY MONDAY!!

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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Almost done.....

Well today is the last day for Pocohantas, and in a way I am sad to see it go, but in another way I am glad. I am so tired, and want my weekends back. So last night, while we were being taped for video sales, guess who goes blank in her first scene, YEP ME...OMG I was so terrified I knew I had blown it, and there was no getting out of it. The gal who plays pocohontas didn't help much, as she kept going back to my first mistake. One would think that after the months and monts of rehearsal and 10 live shows I wouldn't have done that but NOOOOO. We made it through though, barley....the stark terrior on my face on stage I am sure was very noticable. Well then of course Amanda didn't handle it very well, she was sure it wasn't my fault(which it was) ...she was sure it was pocohantas' fault...of course Amanda has had issues with this girl the whole time, and things just got very ugly last night. I am trying to explain that with Amanda's condition she can't control it....the anger comes and BOOM there is not much we can do except ride it out. She was so upset she missed a scene (thank goodness it wasn't one she needed to talk in) So of course the director got a bit mad....I am sure, he kept saying she needs to move on, and I am like "she can't" ect. I don't know people the more I read about this crap that she has the more I really HATE IT!!! Why her? but as we know questions of this sort won't help. Anyhow today is our last show, and I don't honestly know IF I will EVER act again, it may have been enough for me to have done it just this once...than again who knows, part of the problems were this cast and way to many DIVA'S so I really should try another one...perhaps one with more adults.

Well people I got a real busy day ahead of me, I get to cook some stuff for out potluck, and our friends called and wanted us to help can 75 lbs of tuna...YIKES sure wish he would have waited till next weekend. Much love, hugs and kisses to ya all!!!

PS~~Thanks to Steph, I got that book and read it already...OMG is all I can say. That poor woman, and Nick himself. This crap is just awful!! :(

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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Good morning

good wednesday morning ladies, and gents. This week has been kinda crazy for me, have been super busy pulling myself out of the blame mode for Amanda's problem....found a new symptom relating to bipolar, that scared the crap out of me, I won't go into it here, but it is not a fun thing to find out about one's I have been trying to deal with that, and with the plays, house...and low and behold trying to take care of me....and not fall into sleep mode. That my friends is the way I deal with my stress...I turn into a rip van winkle not good. Thank god I have friends that are willing to help me out. My 2 very best girl friends came over for a house cleaning party....made me get up and start caring, as I really didn't give a rip. Then one of them took me to the beach...aaahhhhh!! God is good for throwing her my way. The other one of course is prolly irked at me for not saying things were as bad as they were..pride ya know a silly thing, but self protection.

Anyways, changes have been made to the cast of Peter Pan, Joe will be playing Smee now, I am sure it will be a kick. The director has also put in some other people...ok, no biggie...after all it really is his decision. I hope it doesn't turn into a drama fest(no pun inteded here but the teen girls my daughter included can really go on and on and on as well as the energizer bunny) cross out fingers that it will not happen.

Patty asked in the comments section how many plays our family has been in so I am gunna give ya a list here goes:

1) Amanda, Dancing tourists in Popeye
2) Joe, Constable (police officer), and two other extra parts in Jack the ripper
3) Joe, Father Wold, Amanda Marie the monkey Brandon Reekie Teekie Taffy...Jungle Book.
4) Joe, Chief Powhatten; Amanda, Brandon Colonial men 1 & 2; Myself Mother Willow....Pocahontas

Now here goes for the newest installment in our acting career: Me..Assistant Director. Joe, Smee, Amanda Wendy understudy Brandon Peter Pan.

Now this time for amanda being the understudy, she gets to have a weekend where she will play the lead. Wooooohoooo, no it is not the lead, but it is progress and a chance to show them that she can do it. We are all very excited about this newest one. Cross your fingers and hope for us that it works well!!!

Well that is about it, cept I might be finally decorating things up around here, thanks Terri for looking, and giving me the links for blogskins...I am sorry I didn't get back to ya but after you read this you will know why.

Well peeps have a great day (((((HUGS))))

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Monday, September 20, 2004

The votes are in....

Last weeks adution votes are if that wasn't just a yucky job. LMAO I am not a good one to make decisions in the first place.

Seeing as it is monday, I can now let the cat out of the bag. Amanda got the understudy part...but this time as understudy, she gets to have a weekend preformance, so it will show them that she can do a lead part. Joe got Hook, now that is gunna be funny, we will have to work on that "throaty" thing and him being evil, LMAO for those of you who knows Joe he can't be evil if he tried, OHHH I know I will just have him pretend to splat Terri (what you think girl, will that work? LOL) And Brandon got the part of John. I am so proud of my family they are GREAT!!!

Reading and talking with families of bipolar children, I have learned that Amanda doesn't have it that least that is what I am getting. Some of these parents are really trapped by their children's mood swings and are living a nightmere. I am so thankful she is "high-functioning" And I sure hope that her moods tend to improve. The first week we learned that eating, and sleeping is SOOO important to her outlook. Thank god for melatonin, it has worked wonders. So all is pretty fine on that front, and hoping it just gets better.

Well, today I get to clean my house...YUCK, is there a worse job than housework?? Nope I don't think so. LOL, but I helped in making this mess so I guess I just need to "Get 'er done" That my friends is a direct quote from Larry the cable guy...we have been watching the Blue Collar Comedy tour" and let me tell ya it is LMAO funny!! Hehehehe!!

Have a great monday ladies, and gents!! ((((HUGS))))) to ya all!!!

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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Wrapping up the week....

So today I figued out how to get a title in here, so you all can be warned before reading...LOL, ya might then want to skip over it huh? Today is Saturday AM...and this week has been a long rough one. Most of the week we didn't get to bed till after 11 and that is waaaay to late for me and my kids. Of course the hectic scheldule had Amanda having fits. I sure wish we were going to see the doc sooner than the 1st. Hopefully we can hang on till then.

Well the decisions have been made for the cast of Peter Pan, YIKES that was a nasty job....but hopefully things will get more fun now that the cast has been picked. It all has to be hush hush until it is posted on Monday, and let me tell ya it is hard, I live with 3 people that adutioned, and keeping those things a secret is hard!!! Not to mention everyone that adutioned that I see in Pocohantas. SIIIIGH.

Sidenote for Patty, girl if you are coming to see me, get out your rain gear as we have been getting early rain this year. YUCK, makes for a loooong winter. But I realize it could be so much worse, as I see, and read the stuff that just happened in heart still goes out to you people. We had our first bit of rain with thunder and lighting yesterday....this caused a bit of road flooding, nothing much to worry bout cept, I drove through this huge puddle, and I guess ended up getting my fan belt wet, causing my power steering to go out momentarly...YIKES that was not dried out and all was fine only after trying to navigate a huge corner up by the high school, I am sure that lady that was in the oncoming car still thinks I was crazy, and really needed to be in my own lane...I will not do that ever again, will leave the big puddles alone!!!

Went back to work on wednesday. I got in about 14 hours, which was a pretty good way to start back in. It is great to see the kids again, and to be the hero...AAAHHHHH that part was good. But I did note that SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE, LOL some of the BS I took a break from is still there, (rolley eyed dude here) but hey now that I am not really part of it I don't have to be part of it. (LOL did that make sense?) well I knew what I was talking about. Hehehehe!!

Ok love ya peeps!! Sure hope everyone had a GREAT week!! (((((HUGS)))))

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

GOOD MORNING ALL!!! Big smile going on here the last couple of days!! I am just feeling so much better. Again a HUGE thanks to all of you who have been around to support and are still continuing to support my family, you thoughts, suggestions, and prayers are soooo helpful. I can not express enough my thanks and humility in finding so many people willing to just listen and let me ramble, and for all the care you have shown me. I love ya all.

Well auditions for Peter Pan have started and again I am on the "what was I thinking mode" LMAO hang on girls, I volunteered to assistant direct, OMG what a confussing mess this is becoming!! But I am having fun seeing "the other side of the coin" Both of my kids are trying out for this is hard to be objective with them, but I gotta be.

Also Monday, I checked into getting back to work, so far I am schelduled to go in regularly roughtly 10 hours a is a good place to start, kinda ease into it. It is in my full day classes, so I sorta feel as if I will be coming home. Anyhow I start back today...wish me luck, K :) it can also work into more hours as I am needed to cover vacations, and sick leave, ect.

Take care all of ya, (((((HUGS))))))

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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Good Morning All!! Just checking in to say hi, and let ya in on our new news with Amanda. But before I let ya in on it, I need to say....We (my family) have been fighting this battle for years, and have finally come up with the answer, and yes it will take medication...and I really don't want anyone to say that I am coping out by giving my child a pill to "chill her out" This disorder is serious, and can reek havioc on lives, as we know from experience.

Our answer is Bipolar dissorder. And if anyone knows about this and can shed light...GREAT!! I am now in the process of learning ALL I can learn about this. The doctor asked us a few question, with Amanda's counsoling file there, and BAM a perfect match. It all makes sence, the fits, the rages, the over excitability, the impulse control, EVERYTHING. With proper meds and sleep patterns things can turn around for our child. Please pray for us that we are lucky and can get the meds worked out early in the game. I have watched my child/family suffer with this for a long time, and I am finally relieved to realize that I am not crazy, or a bad parent. And she really is not just hormonal, or tempramental ect. I am so hoping that this is a turning point for her/us. Thanks so much guys for sharing my woes about this for as long as I have known some of you. I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted so does Amanda there is help/hope. No the road will not be an easy one for us, but finally we have help, and a great doctor willing to listen!! :D

(((((HUGS))))) to all of ya!!!

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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Good Morning is the first day of school for both of my children. Can we say, Yiiipeeee!!! After spending the last 3 months with them (mostly them being bored) I am happy to see them go back to school, and hopefully this year will bring them much success. We will see. I know I am bad for wanting them to go back to school...but really they need it. So I have one 8th grader, and one Sophmore/Freshman, LOL I know how can she be both. Well, she managed to get bounced back to being a Freshman, but IF she does well she can bounce back to being a sophmore next trimester...don't ask me I am not really sure how it works.

So hey what shall I do with my day...HMMMMM the possibilities are endless. Knowing me though I will prolly just stay home and clean up around here a bit, which is good. Better when no one is here, I can listen to whatever music I want and full blast ect and rock out.

Not much else going on here, I haven't been called into work yet, but I am sure with the cold and flu season upon us I will get some calls soon. I might call in today and see how my paper work is going.

Thursday we go in for a pick up rehearsal....then I will be meeting with the director of Peter Pan, to see what he has in mind for the reading which are the 13th, I am still not sure what the heck I was thinking doing two play back to back, but who knows it might be fun.

Anyhow I hope all of ya have a GREAT DAY today. Take care, and (((((HUGS)))) to all!!

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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Good morning people, it is sunday am...and I have a few minutes to spare so I thought I would say HI....ok HI LOL. Anyhow the play is going that is really all I can say at this point, my lines are getting easier, well that is cause when I am not on stage or sitting in the make up chair, I am practicing my lines...and really I am the only one who is doing this. But most of everyone has their lines....well sorta, if they don't I guess we just get to "pull them out" MHO here though is there should be no reason for it, wouldn't hurt everyone to just read over them. But hey what do I know.

Well the director of Peter Pan has agreed to let me assist him, I am pretty excited about it, except dealing with all the teen-agers I know I sound mean but some of the crap going on behind the scenes in this play would really put a soap opera to shame. (rolley eyed dude here) I am getting VERY tired of the teen games, of grab ass, and stuff. Good lord did I do that stuff too? LOL I am sure I did, but man is it getting old!!! So with that thought in mind, am I really wanting to do Peter Pan??? I guess so, good thing about the director of Peter Pan, he doesn't get into any of those games, and even though he is young he has control...I will sit and learn all I can from him. Anyhow auditions are on the 13th so we will see.

On a side note, Terri, I has been quite awhile since I have heard from ya....I sure hope you are ok? You really don't want me to call ya do ya? LOL, for those of ya that don't know, I don't have long distance, so I have to use my card to keep in contact with long distance friends, and I will...Terri, send me an email, or a time for chat or something girl...cause I love ya and miss ya!!!
I hope all is going well with all of you!! ((((HUGS)))))

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Friday, September 03, 2004

Dress rehersal went well VERY well!!! Wooooohoooo I got my lines, well I did kinda mess up, but I managed to pull myself back out without any problems!! OMG so now I know I can do this, and do it pretty well, if I don't say so myself!! LOL, there were a couple of people from the audience that complimented me, one was a relative of the guy that plays John Smith, we had a small question and answer session after curtain call, and it was asked how many of the cast were on their first play, I am one out of the six newbies...anyhow this man said, he couldn't tell!! WOOOOOHOOOOOO!! That was what I was looking for. Another compliment came from a woman who is part of the board, she has been involved in 2 of the 3 other plays my family has been involved in (in the past has been trying to get me up there, and I have told her Nope not is my family that has way more talent) so she says: " And you my dear did wonderful" Then she smiles at me and says there is a part in Peter Pan, Nanny something....this one coming up, but I really don't think I am going to act in it. I asked the guy who is going to do it if he wanted/needed an assistant director, and he thought about it, and said if I was still interested I could do it....only problem is Amanda really wants the part of Wendy, and she wants to "have a play all to herself" HHHMMMMMM, Now this is where it gets sticky, I think. He the director really wants someone just to help, so I don't really think I would be directing her anyways. Also, I don't want to hold her back from getting a part. I also don't want her to get the part just cause I am co-director...HELP GUYS!!! I also don't want to start problems with her. SIIIIGH, really on the one hand I think she is not being fair this is my chance to start to do what I want. Then again, ooohhh good lord I could go round and round about this.

Anyhow opening night is tonight!!! And I think I am ready for it!! More ready than I was yesterday. Thanks for reading all my jumbles here!! Sorry they were such a mess!!

(((((HUGS)))))) to all!!!!

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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

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Hey two posts in one day....I think this was pretty accurate of my personality.

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So today I thought I would type things a little different. Hope you like :)
Anyways, things are going at the play, I say going cause I am still messed up on my lines, not helpful that the girl opposite me, is not saying hers in order....therefore not keeping me cued. I think IF I were a more seasoned actress I would be able to do this.....and not get lost, but I get lost then she looks at me weird as if it is all my fault for not knowing my lines....eeeerrrr honey I know mine and the order. I don't know I guess it is mostly nerves...BUT GEEEZE WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING!!!!!
Tomorrow is dress rehearsal, and I am so not ready. Could use at least a hundred more hours in practice. But no time.

kids are doing pretty good, I think they are pretty ready to go back to school. I went into work yesterday, to sign up for the call in position...and I can say it is the right time, it felt good. Didn't hurt that I got to see my old class and they all wanted hugs, and asked me when I was coming back. (HUGE SMILEY HERE) Gosh it was so good to see their smiling faces, and feeling as if I belong.

Anyhow sorry I haven't really kept up here, practice is running late, and we are so dang busy all the time....not much time for computer fun stuff.

(((((((HUGS))))))) to all!!!

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