Thursday, August 26, 2004

4:30 am here and I can't sleep, I have been up for an hour or so...getting all caught up on reading all your blogs. Why can't you sleep you maybe asking...heck if I know, could be I haven't taken my anti-depressants for almost a week ( I didn't take them camping with us, as I don't like to drink, and take meds I am super parinoid that way) OR we now just have a week till dress rehearsal, and let me tell ya, I am really getting nervous...I don't know why, I just am. Course it could be because I have never done this before, well I have in Jr. High(does that count) Not to mention I sorta have to act everyday that I am at work, most of us do, but being that I haven't been at work in awhile (a long while) well I am rusty. LOL It seems the longer we practice the more lines that get forgot. SIIIIGH, what the hell was I thinking.

Last night I asked about directing, as I thought that would be fun...hey maybe I will have to check out some of the plays ect...that I could assist in...I don't know, I thought it was fun observing, and thinking about rewritting stuff...can I give an example here..course I can it is my blog...LOL, anyhow Joey(my hubby for those of you who don't know that) is cheif Powhatten he has a line in the play where he is talking with John Smith it used to read Something like this:

"You may have the thundersticks, but I will bring down the thunder." So after some thought, I fiddled around with it, it now reads, "You may have the thundersticks, But I Powhatten, Cheif of the Algonquen will bring donw the thunder." so what you all think, better the second or not...I thought it added more power to Joe's line(pssst, please forgive the spelling mistakes there, I am not up to par) so anyhow, I also did a small scene for the indian maidens, and it came out pretty cool. Some of you know I have in the past fiddled with writting (ok silly fan fiction) but it is fun, I can sorta see in my mind how I want it to turn this is why I thought I could almost do this, of course I would have to assist which is not a problem for me get my feet wet and all. What do you guys think, read the example is this something I should try for.....??? Anyhow these are just my jumbled thought on a very early morning.

OOOHHHH I started another book, OMG this one is gunna be great, too bad I have stuff do to, or I could sit and read and read and read some more. LOL It is called Flirting with Pete, by Barbra Delinsky, whew it is about a therapist, her father dies, as she is at the funeral she finds she is left a 3 million dollar townhouse, well her father when living had nothing to do with her...of course there is the similarities between them, well anyways she finds a manuscrip, or journal type thing among his things, and it is a story about a woman....the book is about the girl that lives in boston, and the girl in the journal...anyhow without giving away to much it is GREAT so far. Ok now wake up, I know I just put you all to sleep LMAO but I think I may have finally found a new favorite author, after looking for quite sometime...Anyhow Have a great day gals (and guys if any are reading)

(((((HUGS))))) to all!!!!

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Monday, August 23, 2004

Oh hey this is gunna work now...LOL, I been trying all dang day. We are back, and had a great time.

We get the friday, and it is HOT....course we got all the set up to do.....OMG was it the time we got done we were ready to jump in the lake....we swam, and swam that day. Then Saturday it was a bit over cast, but that was ok cause it wasn't all that hot, just nice weather....aaahhhh. So they go out on the boat, and I am a-lazin in the overcast/sun. LOL Course about that time the boat breaks down....darn it, they were having such a good time. Then sunday hits....we get UUUMMMM RAIN, and more but that is Oregon, we dress in layers around here. And my fool friends and hubby and kids were jumping off the dock in the rain, and I don't care what they said THE WATER WAS COLD LAST NIGHT.

It was still raining when we came back today, but it was all good. I had such a relaxing time, I didn't want to come home today. Our son fished and fished and fished some more, which is good as he likes it. And Amanda got to have a friend along this time, so that was nice for her. All in all a good time was had by all at least I think it was.

Anyhow I am off here to go to practice, we have tech week for the next two weeks, gunna be wish me luck.

((((HUGS)))) to all!!! I MISSED YA!!! :) :) :)

Anyhow I am adding today's blog to this also, it seems this silly thing won't load right, so I will see this has been saved since monday. Got Brandon registered for school yesterday, and got his space maintainer out. He is happy about that. We also got Amanda's scheldule fixed, she did manage to make it to 10th grade, just by the hair of her chiney-chin-chin. WHEW!! I am so hoping that we can get her all straightened out this year, start off with MAJOR organization...well one can hope anyways. Today's agenda is house work, as we came home yesterday and went straight into playing a game of was fun, then my son taught me Risk, hehehehe I won, so I liked that game too. I had a nice long talk with him last night, he is going through some stuff, and I really don't have many answers for him....but I do know that he/we will make it. Anyhow I hope all of ya are well, and I sure hope this posts!! LOL

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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Hello, people I haven't been on much...been reading and lurking, I know I know I really should leave a comment now and then...but well ya know.

Anyhow been a busy week, my son had company and now my daughter has company...and getting ready for our camping trip. Yesterday found me in the kitchen most of the day, cleaning and baking (then more cleaning) I made two batches of cookies, and plan on making one more batch, and a batch of brownies.....gotta have munchies for the trip. And then of course the wonderful laundry to do today, YUCK!!!

So if I don't get back here tomorrow, or later tonight...have a great weekend all!!! I will be swimming, boating, and just in genral lazin in the sun...and YES I WILL BRING SUN SCREEN!!! LOL although it doesn't seem to help, last time I wore 30+ and I still got burnt...HHHMMMM must be the aging process. Hey also sunday is my anniversary, I will be married to the best man in the world for 17 years!!! WOW, course camping is not the way I would have spent our anniversary...then again I wasn't even home for it last year. Big smile though, I wouldn't trade what I did do last year though. Anyhow, thought I would throw that one in on ya.

Love and HUGS to all!!

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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Shopping went very well yesterday....well almost. LOL, let it be known that boys (well my boy anyhow) are NOT easier to shop for then girls...They don't like to try stuff on, and heaven forbid they show you what it looks like...and OMG IF you touch see the waistband ect....(rolley eye dude here) He is sooo funny. So we go to Ross....eeerrr he doesn't like things there, personally I think it is cause of the "dress for less" thing. So it is off to Sears SCORE!!! wooooohooo, they are having a huge sale, and it is stuff he likes. $125 later, he is sporting 7 shirts, 4 pairs of pants, 4 pairs of undies. Then it is off to cruise the rest of the mall to see what they have for shirts...He loves Matalica..and wanted a shirt, we found a t-shirt for $13.00 but I was not to thrilled about that, finally found one at the music store a hooded sweatshirt for $15.00 woooohooooo and he loves it, I feel as if this one will walk to the washer by itself. LOL

Just wanted to point out girls, that the 80's are not dead. UUMMMM both my kids insisted on getting wrist bands. (This has become a big thing here) Uuummm drag out the videos or DVDs cause you will never guess who started that fashion trend, yep our main Man Joe Elliott. LMAO course I had to drag out my DVDs just to show them. Then of course I had to continue watching, gosh some days it is nice just to see the old stuff.

So if the 80s aren't dead can we hope for pants that actully fit guys. OMG my son looks as if he is carrying a load in his pants (sorry to be blunt) but I HATE that look. But it is fashion....errr or what they call fashion. Anyhow at least my kids will have school clothes this year, and hopefully they will be worn. I mean ya know how you buy something you think they will like, and they agree just to make ya happy then it ends up never being worn. That I really hate. So at christmas time, I prolly will end up buying them a few more pants and stuff. But other than that they are good to go. Brandon also got another back pack. School supplies are next, although I don't know seems a waste to buy them now when all the teachers want them to have different stuff than what is on the list.

So anyhow Brandon and I spent a nice day together. But I know now why I live in a small city...I really hate freeway driving...merge, speed, and all that YIKES makes me a nervous wreck. I was so tired by the time we got home....I can do the driving but I really don't like to.

Anyhow hope all of you are well, and good. Talk to ya later!!

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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Yep and the busy stuff we are off to go school clothes shopping for our should be just a nice day with him and I...I sure hope we find Major Deals!!! Then tuesday he is having a friend come over till thursday...then Amanda's friend is coming back on thursday...then we are off on a camping trip friday....whew!! But it will be nice to laze in the sun, and all that goes with camping. And yes I will remember the sun screen!! Hey wish me luck on the shopping today!!

HAVE A GREAT DAY TODAY LADIES!! ((((((hugs))))))

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Friday, August 13, 2004

Well it official as of today.....I handed in my resignation.....SIIIIIGH. For my full time permanant position. I was assured, that I WILL be used as a sub, and that no other training is needed for me to do that. Who knows this might just be for the best as...I can be the hero to the kids, I don't need to be a disiplanary(sp?), and IF a family has a problem it doesn't become my problem, no more looking for a sub when I am sick...I just don't answer my phone, if my kids or family has something going on again i just don't work for that day. What do I lose, a little money, set hours, set classroom, the feeling of being part of "a team" HHMMMM looks as if my Pros list is bigger and more livable. I did however being the sap I am cry today....I went into our storage room, where we keep all the extra paint and glue, paper ect...and the smell of that little room just hit....BAM, here come the tears. Then it was on to clean out my desk, and turn in my keys....more tears, and they got worse when people gave me their hugs ect....lord I am a sap!!! LOL But I am ok now. I feel like this is the best decision for my family...another thing IF I have become "burnt out" it will be easier to look for a job without a set scheldule...see I am finding all kinds of positives here. Or at least trying.

We also took Amanda into the Docs today, earlier in the week her lymph nodes swelled up pretty bad, looked as if she had swallowed golf balls.....they tested for strep...negative. So now he is testing for Mono...I sure hope it is not that, but then again she is not really acting THAT sick or tired. Sure hope we find out what the hell it is.

Well I am off here, hope all have a great weekend ((((HUGS))))))

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Good Morning all~~Been busy here the last couple of days...and it prolly won't slow down much until school starts, which is good as that keeps me from lazin around alot.

We took Amanda, and her friend school clothes shopping yesterday, we went to Eugene, and got her 5 pairs of pants, 8 shirts, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 good bras, 1 dress, all for $250 Gosh I LOVE Ross...she is very happy with all of it, and it really helped her having a friend, and me having a stress, but then again I am learning not to say much. I did have to draw the line at "free advertising shirts" you know the ones that say things like "born to flirt" IMO that is just asking for it...if ya know what I mean. So really alls I have to buy for her is undies, and supplies minus a backpack...I bought one for her work-trip, and it is still in good shape and she has decided to use it.

So saturday I will be taking the boy child up there too....see how long it takes him...which I am sure it won't take nearly as long, boys are so much easier to shop with/for, although finding his size is not going to be fun...I am sure, he is now 5'5" ....he grew major over the summer and now has no pants to wear, course he COULD wear last years, waiting for the flood LOL, YIKES I just can't believe how much he grew over the spring and summer. It will be nice for him and I to have a day.

Play practice is coming along pretty well, I went off book last night (for the first time) my first scene, I pretty much have down...second one still needs work, but that is ok too. We have only 3 1/2 weeks till we open..YIKES, what was I thinking that I could do this. Pray for me guys LOL.

So this week we have a friend staying with Amanda, then next week Brandon gets to have a friend over...then Hubby is planning on a Camping trip, So wow, it is gunna be busy busy busy...but that is ok.

Hey just a thing I noticed, This month I didn't get my usual bawling fit (my normal sign for my PMS) HHHMMMM so could that tell me that the Lexapro is working...yep I think so. Either that or being off work is working. I think I am going to set up a meeting with my lead teacher here pretty soon to talk options, I would like to do this away from work, in a more social kinda thing, I will let you guys know how that went. When it happens.

Amanda is set to go to the Phycologist on the 10th so we will see how that all works out. Whew other than that...things are pretty fine here. Talk to ya all soon!! (((((HUGS)))))

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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Ok so I took the test at Kim's blog...UUMMM here are the results LMFAO


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Friday, August 06, 2004

Ok so it took me long enough to get this posted...don't know either it needed a rest, or the Sims CD left in the player didn't make this work, My computer is so touchy...lord what did I do for frustration BEFORE computer I don't know anyways here FINALLY is todays post:

Hey, good morning and a happy Friday to everyone~~Any weekend plans? Good ones I hope. So hey I decided to post in color this morning, blue has to be my fav. And that is the beauty of having such a boring blog, my colors actually do show up...Hehehehe I knew I didn't do the updates for a reason.

Well this week has been ok, kinda boring...but ok. Brandon and I went to the counselor...had a nice talk about what is is like for him living under Amanda's shadow. Counselor seems to think IF we help him gain more success he will come out from underneath it. So we are going to really try hard this year with grades, it is his goal not mine...I hope it works.

And of course I talked with him about we are now going to go to a child phycologist(gee I hope I spelled that right) Jim (our counselor) seems to think there may be something there worth having her tested. I am not sure how I feel about it, as it will be the catch-all ADD/ADHA thing I am sure.....but then IF this were one of my kids at work, I would strongly advise our families to get their children help, if they needed it. So what makes it different for my own child..right? And you know IF this helps her be more sucessful then well I am all for it, I want my happy girl back, and at this point I am willing to try anything. Because you know IF she doesn't start to have some successes in life here pretty soon, the road she is traveling will not be a pleasant or smooth one for any of us, mostly her. Again we are just going to go have a talk with her. So we will see how it goes, all I know is most if not all her life she has had this anger thing that can't be controlled, she doesn't even know she is doing is like she is "outside" herself, if you can follow me....started a 2 years of age (with her sitting on the floor and banging her head so hard it gave her a goose egg) and really hasn't gotten better. It is like she is out of control of herself when she gets mad...and well really I don't know what else to do....I so need someone to say I am right and this is ok, as I have no clue IF I am doing the right thing. But then again, depression runs rampant in my family. And Joe has a nephew with ADD, and a sister with depression and another with some sort of learning disability...I am not sure if any of those are genetic, but I know there is something "off" with my child and it has always been there, and really it is time for me to figure this out, for her sake and ours. Wish us luck please. Anyhow that all about that for now.

Went into work yesterday...GROOOAN LOL lots of hugs and "we miss you" kinda now I really don't know what I want there, LMAO can ya tell I can't make a decision EVER!!! And when I went in, I saw one of my students....AAAHHHH he face lit up when she saw me... :( That my friends is my pay-off.....SIIIIIGH So now I am starting to miss it. Honestly I hadn't before yesterday. And the kids and I talked about when I really started to dislike work, and I think it is when my hours went to 40 a week every I could sub, and just work on call. So then if and when I feel I need a break, I could have one....either for myself or my family, BUT I will lose $2 dollars an hour doing this, then again it is more than I have coming in now. OH decisions, decisions. LOL

So hey ya all have a great weekend!!! ((((HUGS)))) to each and everyone of ya!!! :) :)

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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I debated on weather to post today or not....not much going on around here, we went to the lake yesterday....the water was warm, and not much of a was very nice. Got back from the lake and work called, just checking on me, and miss me. HHHMMMMM. I still have no clue as to what to do. Most say I was pretty miserable, and I prolly was, I just need to learn to balance it all....and honestly the money thing is really getting on my nerves. Our bills are being paid but that is about really that is a good thing, but ya know I miss having money in my purse most of the times. And no Joe doesn't say no to me, it is just the point of asking, or reminding him that I need something...does this makes sence?

The off to practice....I gotta get my lines down. Siiiigh, my memory is shot, wonder if that means I am getting old. LOL. Anyhow most of the scenes are going pretty well. At least I think so.

I know I haven't been the most positive that I could, but I tell ya girls, it is just the same old shit, and I can't seem to solve it. Teens I tell ya, makes me tired. But ya know IF any of ya get to tired of listening to the broken record that is my life, I understand. Just know that I do appreciate the hugs and support, and the funnies in your blogs. (((((HUGS)))))

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Monday, August 02, 2004

Well big new around here...Amanda is home. UUUMMMM she got fired for going on a walk after bedtime, without permission. SIIIIIGH. Ok being I am her mom I am happy to have her home but....the money that we spent is now gone. I sure hope that she learned ALOT in those two weeks. I don't know what happened, really she seemed fine when we saw her Saturday. Then again the big boss guy said that home sickness really sets in after family day. I don't know. One part of me like I said is glad, then again I am getting pretty irked at giving her opportunities that she won't or can't see through tell the end. Anyhow vacation time is now over...LOL, guess it is back to the grind huh?

Well gals have a great monday!! (((((HUGS))))) to ya all.

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Sunday, August 01, 2004

GOOD MORNING PEOPLE!! I am back home, and does it feel good. I had a good time, but I am so glad to be home. Brandon loved his room. :D I actually made him speechless, and if any of you know my kids that is pretty hard to do. LOL. I told him, to go ahead and move some stuff around so it could feel like his room...he said "No, I love it just the way it is" AAAAHHHHH life is good!! So tonight I will fix his fav...chicken alfredo with pasta. Goodness I missed him, and am so glad he is home.

Saw my baby girl yesterday......Oh was that hard to leave her again. I am very impressed with the program though. And her crew leader seems like a real neat lady. She seems happier, and more clued into what is really important. Yesterday in front of a bunch of peers she actually reached out and touched me alot(hugs, holding my hand, linking her arms around me ect) ....I know this sounds weird to you guys, but it has been quite a few years that she has iniciated the touch between us....and NEVER in front of peers. And when the bus drove up, she couldn't sprint fast enough to get to us....goodness, she bout plowed me over....siiiigh. Ok so it is only 2 more weeks until she will be home for good. I know we can make it. Later this week I will be sending her some chocolate fudge brownies or something nice like that. The head boss guy said that parent's day is actually real hard on them, as alot of home sickness peeks cause they have seen their families.....and I can actually understand that...I hope she makes it though!!

Anyhow, I hope all of you are having a great weekend, and hey I missed ya!! ((((HUGS))))

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