Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Well, the votes are in...Amanda didn't get the lead in the play...I have no idea why, cause I thought she did a very good job. HHMMMMM, I wonder how it works.

Yep, folks I am Mother Willow, a WISE old tree....they can take the word old out and it wouldn't hurt my feelings one little bit. LOL Hubby is Powhatten, Amanda is an indian maden, and Brandon is Percy, LMAO a smart aleck colinist, and he is very good at it. Of course I am talking about the play Pocohauntas (gosh I need to learn to spell that) Tonight they are having a reading for Steel Magnolia and Amanda and I are gunna sit in on that. They might be doing this one next year. So who knows huh?

Anyhow other than that not much else going on here.....today we are gunna rent the movie Steel Magnolias...My daughter has never seen it...should be chick flick heaven..huh? LMAO I told hubby i wanted to rent it he said why, isn't it always on? hehehehehe!!! Anyhow have a great day my friends!!!!

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Sunday, June 27, 2004


100. I was born Elizabeth Amanda
99. On May 8th 1967
98. But I was suppose to be born in late July, so that made me
a premie.
97. weighing in at a whoppin 2lbs. (and 37 years ago that was something.)
96. So some could say I am a miracle
95. I am the 4th out of 5 children
94. This makes me the baby girl.
93. My dad still introduces me as "this is my baby girl"
92. I normally say to this, "yep and his baby has babies of her own." LOL
91. I have two older sisters, and an older brother. And a younger brother that is 9 years my junior...but way taller than I am
90. Oh yes, when I was born, I was delivered at home, by a fire man.
89. Who pronounced me a boy. (UMMM no comments there peeps)
88. But I guarantee I am a woman. LOL
87. I live in Oregon
86. But was born in California
85. I have spent most of my life here in Oregon
84. I married my high-school sweetheart
83. We have been together for 20 years (Yikes that makes me sound old.)
82. We have been married for almost 17 of those 20 years.
81. We have never broken up.
80. My hubby's name is Joe..hehehe which comes in handy since I am a Joe gal. ;)
79. I have 2 children.
78. A girl, 15 (who shares my name)Amanda
77. A boy 13 Brandon
76. Which is good as I am not planning on anymore.
75. I love my children with all my being, even when they are not making the best choices in life.
74. I have learned lately that should of, could of, and would of do no good in this life.
73. I have also learned lately, that I am a very strong person. Even when I don't want to be.
72. HHHMMMM now what? gosh this is alot harder than I thought.
71. My favorite color is light blue, it has always been.
70. I am an avid reader, I can finish a good book in just a day. (but of course my house is a wreck. if I do that)
69. My favorite author retired, sent me into a funk, that I am still trying to recover from...and still searching for another author that is half as good as she was.
68. I also love to garden, I grow pretty good flowers.
67. This year, I have done a pretty good job with my flowers.
66. I also am a huge coffee drinker. I sit and watch my flower grow with a cup of coffee in hand almost every saturday or sunday morning.
65. I work in child care, and have been doing this is some form or another for the past 10 years.
64. I was a stay at home mom for 8 years.
63. When my son went to pre-school the quiet house bout drove me nuts so I got a job at my kid's school.
62. I now work as a preschool teacher's assistant.
61. I am working on obtaining my CDA for my job.
60. I am pretty crazy to work with kids, but the pay offs are great. To see a child struggle with something for a long time, then get it....is a beautiful thing.
59. I am currently on Family Medical leave.
58. I will be going back to work in september.
57. Some days I miss it, some days not. LOL
56. When I am not working, I try and spend alot of time with my family.
55. We are great game players. And have some good laughs over a card game, or bord game.
54. It is how we spend alot of our quality time together.
53. We also like to camp.
52. And love a good picnic at one of our lakes.
51. We live close to many of the most beautiful beaches in the country...or at least I think they are the most beautiful.
50. My husband and I used to go out to the beach late at night and plan our furture. Funny that it is nothing like we thought, but that isn't to say it is bad.
49. My favorite band is Def Leppard. (of course you all knew that.)
48. I have seen them in concert twice.
47. Once in Salem OR, not a good choice for concerts.
46. Once in Syracuse NY…LMAO no that wasn’t the only reason I went to NY.
45. I went cause I have never done anything like that.
44. I loved it and would love to travel again…soon.
43. I have only been to 5 States in the US. California, Washington, Alaska, and New York…oh yeah and all over the state of Oregon.
42. I would love to go on a cruise of the Carribean, one day my husband and I will do this (here’s hoping.)
40. But that trip will have to wait till after my kids leave home, I am sure.
39. I can’t spell worth beans (can ya tell?) LOL
38. I don’t mind when people correct me on this, just please do it nicely.
37. I was born blonde, well actually I was bald as a cue ball for two years, but when it came in it was blonde, but has darkened over the years, some think I look more brunette than blonde, well I guess once a blonde always a blonde. LOL.
36. I do highlight my hair now.
35. It is short as it won’t grow past my shoulders without looking very bad..IMO.
34. My eye color is brown, dark brown. I have always wanted blue eyes, but as I have aged I have learned to accept myself as I am.
33. I am short, very very short. Coming in at a whopping 4 foot 10 inches.
32. I used to be 4’ 11” but shrunk an inch when I ruptured a disk. (like I could afford that inch.)
31. Both my children are taller than me. Thank goodness huh?
30. Gosh I am done yet? Errr nope, UMMMM ok stuck, now what?
29. Ok on to the real boring stuff, I have had 4 abdominal surgeries.
28. One appendicitis when I was 5.
27. An exploratory when I was 10.
26. And two c-sections. This is part of the reason we are not having any more children.
25. I am ok with that decision, now…then I wasn’t too pleased.
24. Did I mention how great my husband is?
23. I have only fish as pets. I am allergic to cats…love them, but they make me sick.
22. My son has a leopard geko for a pet, her name is Lucy.
21. I can’t own a dog, as my yard won’t work for one. Besides what would the dog do when I am work.
20. I have made a few VERY good friends on the net.
19. I have learned that they are super supportive in time of need.
18. I am so thankful they have come into my life.
17. At some points I wouldn’t have known what to do if I hadn’t had them.
16. I thank them all dearly for being there.
15. I spend too much time on the net. Well not recently, but I have in the past.
14. Oh, ok… I come from a “broken home” my parents divorced when I was 16.
13. After 23 years, so I realized that nothing is forever.
12. Hard lesson to learn. When one is a teen.
11. Typically, I rebelled…partied a lot when I was younger.
10. I am now too old for that stuff. Hangovers last days instead of hours. Besides I think I am allergic to acohol now, I sneeze whenever I drink, and it is not pretty, to be drunk and snotty at the same time. LOL
9. I do believe in God. I am just having a hard time with church.
8. I know that was weird to mention God right after mentioning drinking…but that is how my mind works.
7. I smoke…terrible habbit, one day I will quit.
6. I am also over weight, again one day I will quit…LOL, does it work that way… I don’t think so.
5. I have found an exercize program I love, I just haven’t done it in awhile, seems silly with all that I am going through to worry about that. It is called The FIRM. Ask me I will sell ya(if you are interested)
4. Oh, I also love to cook. I hate cleaning up after but that is part of it.
3. I make a mean fried chicken.
2. And I make a great peanut butter chocolate ball…you just got to come see me to get them (huh Terri) ;)
1. Ok, last one…now you know more about me than you ever wanted to. Did you all fall asleep or was there stuff you didn’t know. Stuff you could have done without? LOL, this was fun…in a weird sorta way.

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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Hello All, it has been awhile, and I am sorry I haven't been up to par on all the stuff floating around. I have just been busy, and have sorta taken myself off the internet, except in the wee hours of the morning.

My visit with my mother and my sister went very well....well cept for the second to last day, uuummmmm I found nits in my neice's hair, YIKES, she had been sleeping here....good lord this is all I need~~~NOT. So I cross my fingers and toes, and everything I can cross so we don't get them, I did the vaccuum job, on my furniture, stripped my bathroom, and washed all our bedding, in hopes that we don't come down with the nasty critters. I swear when I die, I am going to ask God, why there is head lice, roaches, and slugs...I can't figure out their purpose in life. LOL not doubting his wisdome, but I don't get those 3 critters. Anyhow, as I said the visit went very nice, we just hung around, and talked alot....the support I needed. My mom is the best. UUUMMMMM her and Amanda got into it, a bit...but that is ok...cause Amanda needed to hear that she did hurt not only us. Anyhow we went for pedicures, what a great thing, I think when I go back to work, I will spoil myself once a month with a pedicure, and I also got an air-brush art on my nails...I had painted them very nicely the day before (now mind you I have been a nail bitter/picker most of my life) they look so good now the lady asked if I needed a fill...hehehehe!!! Anyhow not much else to report to you all. Hope all is going well with you guys, and yes I am reading everyone's blog, I just am not posting much (SORRY) remember you all all in my thoughts!! and I send along my love!
Now I just gotta get a move on my 100 things...HHHMMMMMM.

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Monday, June 21, 2004

If you all don't hear from me in the next few days....it is cause my mom is in town visiting me....it has been good so far. Love her dearly, and have missed her. Take care of yourselves ladies, and I hope to hear from ya soon. (((((HUGS))))) to all!!

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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Well I found the "cure" (sorta) leave the problems at the beach, where the sky is pure blue, with just a bit of clouds, looking like they were brushed upon the sky. The water had a teal look to it. Listening to the waves crash and seeing the sea birds fly above, while children flew kites, and played with their families, or walked their dogs. AAAHHHH, now I know why my brothers and sisters come back "home" when life kicks them in the arse..when they are down they come and sit on the beach, nothing better than the pacific ocean on a rare sunny, warm, windless day...it was weird, yesterday I sat on the beach watching my present, at the place where Joey and I planned our furture...kinda nice. I watched my children play in the surf, and listened to the excited screams, as the surf hit them, and remember late night talks that Joey and I had....I am smiling now, at the irony of it all. Those talks didn't include some of the stuff we are dealing with now, but we were young and clueless of life's problems and most important in love. Funny how time goes by. Anyhow after the beach it was better. And weird how I take for granted the view that I have practally in my back yard. HUGE SIIIIGH here, but it is a good sigh.

Hey almost the end of the week, take care ladies!! ((((HUGS)))) to each and everyone of ya!!!!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Good morning ALL~~Yesterday was a not so good day, I am thinking that this happens to all of us, get the good, bad, and ugly....it is just what we do with them. It started out pretty good, then well ya know, summer school is not too terribly fun for her..of course. After running around all day yesterday we come home and of course Amanda's boyfriend breaks up with her...Ok this is not a surprise to me, they have been off and on for the past 6 weeks or so. But of course she is very upset with it all...and I know it is selfish, but I am getting to the point where it feels like our emotions have to revolve around her, and her emotions...does that make sense....and yep, I am tired I want fun back in our lives...I know it sounds bad, but I just wish for a couple of "problem-free" days....is there such a thing. I feel as IF I am living inside of a soap opera. And this one isn't pretty. Which makes me feel just quilty as hell. SIIIIIGH sure wish this could be over quick. But nope gotta hang in there. Sorry ladies, I get so tired of feeling, this way, and so tired of listening to myself, I just don't know what to do with all of this. Hey wish me luck I have a meeting tomorrow (I will not get into the details, but I feel luck is needed here) anyhow hope all of you are well and happy!!

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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Really lazy weekend here, cept the norm cleaning and cleaning....sorted our sock basket...goodness, how the hell did we get so many socks. (anyhow sad pathetic life I lead that was the big thing for my weekend...goodness does it get better?) LOL

Ok, just wanted to check in with all of ya, and let ya know I still lurk around...and read all your blogs, and do post occasionally, sorry it is not more...but this really is all I am capable of right now...just know that each and everyone of you are not far from my thoughts. And love ya all!! OK whew, done with the mushy stuff. :)

Updates: It was my Doctor that basically screwed me out of FMLA..he said basically I only needed a couple of weeks off...WTFever dude you don't get it!!! Anyhow before all this, I had mentioned to our family counselor that things were rough in getting my leave going...so he asked if I thought it would help for him to write a letter...I said sure couldn't hurt...so we are going with his recomendation. Looks like I will get my leave. At least that is what I heard last.

Amanda starts summer school tomorrow, and has been accepted into the work camp place(Northwest Youth Corps.) I had mentioned, so as soon as I pay the fee, *cough* *cough* (and yes this has made an already tight situation tighter but that can't be helped) *cough* but we will be ok, course we have to. So on the days she is in summer school, will mine and my son's time together...I am prolly gunna end up learning how to fish, if nothing else for something to do...hehehehe, and I don't even like the stuff. YUCK fish, *diz shivers at the thought* Anyhow we have been making crafts, going to the art musieum...LMAO I ended up having to pee, and going into the mens room...WOOOOPS, course my kids were no help, just laughing at me instead. And of course the neverending dreaded housework...but that is about it, ooohhh yeah and the comparison of Amanda's head to an onion was pretty funny...have a great one guys!! ((((HUGS)))) to all!!!

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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Appology before post, this one might not make much sense as my thoughts are very scattered.

Well, the FMLA was a bust, guess my Doc didn't think it was a serious enough condition, which is ok...but on the other hand, not ok. I talked with the lady in accounting yesterday, and basically I have to go in today and fill out a time card using my vacation and sick pay...which in a way is good, I would like to have some money in my pocket, and now I can actually afford to get my hubby something for father's day. He wouldn't have said anything, but I still want to do something for him.

Anyhow, I am also fighting bordom BIG TIME, I mean I sit here day after day with absoultly nothing to do, ooohh well house work is a given, but quite frankly it is boring me to tears. Of course the weather hasn't been coroperating either, been rain, rain, and yep more rain...so even picnics, and swimming has been out of the question.

Which leads me into my next thing...now am I really showing her alot of trust if I am sitting home babysitting her, which in reality if you think about it that is just what I am doing. I don't know guys. But I also don't know IF I can in reality handle her problems and work stuff....huge siiigh here. LOL, but hey thanks for listening....again. :)

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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Today is Tuesday....HMMMM well peeps not much going on here. Same old same old. But I guess that is good huh? I have had enough excitement to last me quite awhile. Just thought I would drop a line, to let ya all know I am alive and kicking. My days are soooo boring, let me never complain again about silly stuff. And I need to really be careful what I wish for from now on.

Yesterday Amanda applied to a work camp place, we should be hearing from them soon. If she gets it she will be cutting trails in the great northwest. This builds teamwork, responsibility, and working skills. I kinda hope she gets it, but on the same token, I would be sending my baby off, on a "roughing it" experince. It is a paying job....so she could pick up some money, and learn some very important life skills. And also realize that maybe home isn't such a bad place. I don't know, I have very mixed emotions about it all now. We will see.

My son, has decided he likes to cook, he made a great dinner last night. So I am hoping to get in there with him today, and see what we can do to tear up the kitchen. LOL. But other than that it really is the same old stuff around here. Take care all, and (((((HUGS)))) to ya!!

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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Well it is 3am on a saturday morning...and I am wide awake...siiigh. Sleep never comes when I want it. But of course I have had a couple of VERY lazy days...Amanda and I have been just laying around watching TV which of course is bad, I know....but it seems her and I are really laughing again. As she tries to "steam roll me" last night while watching While you were out. Seems her and I have that in common we like those shows.

With as much as I complained about my job, I am now finding myself VERY bored around here...I mean how much house-work can one do without going crazy...of course the garden needs my attention, but I really don't give a care anymore.

I do have some good news, my friend came down and talked with me...she appologized, and with a few tears later (shed by both of us) I think her and I will make it through. She knows how much it hurt me, and I am pretty sure I will accept her appology...faith in her will be pretty hard, but ya know friends are so few and far between you have to learn forgiveness..at least that is what I think. Anyhow, I don't know...this whole thing has effected EVERYTHING in my life...and on some of the lower points, I get pretty dang tired of thinking about it all. But I know I have to keep going. But then again, it has brought back communication between me and my daughter, so I guess that is a good thing.

So what is up for today, hell I don't know....what is up with all of you today, and or the weekend??

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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Well the parts are in....Amanda plays an indian maiden, nope not the lead....she was pretty sad about it, but I am sure it will all work out. Then to add insult to injury, she calls her b/f for support, and he is mad at her, a few tears later...and well girls I sure hope she gets through all this. Brandon has the part of one of John Smith's friends, a smarty pants kinda guy (yep Terri, he landed the smarty part very well) LOL Joe got the part of Powhatin (indian cheif) and I got the part of Mother Willow, YIKES...the director is gunna make me an OLD-Tree, LMAO No really I don't know, he hasn't written MY part yet. So wish us luck, ooohh wait that was break a leg.

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