Thursday, April 29, 2004

Wow, it is thursday already~~~~And I am asking myself where did April go. Seems to me the month flew by. That could be a good thing, closer to summer at least I hope so.

So we are making progress on the rooom, down to "muddin" and let me tell ya it is brainless last night found me in my yucky sweats, and a baggy t-shirt...."muddin" I done a pretty good job I think. but it is gunna take alot longer than I though, as this seems to be a time consuming job. So maybe by the beginning of the week we will actually get around to painting. I really want to get those dressers done...but I don't know what to do with "the moutain" of laundry I already have....clean, and not clean....GOD I HATE LAUNDRY. Wish we could all run around nekkie. But THAT WOULD NOT BE A PRETTY PICTURE. So gosh, I guess I am gunna try and organize our clothes.....I have been trying to do this for 2 weeks now, and not making a bit of progress....SIIIIIGH

So then Amanda drops a bomb on us, I am in the middle of having Mt. clothing bomb in my livingroom, had plans to have a "girls day" our saturday....and she wants to have Dan (her newest flavor of the month) over on sat afternoon. *rolley eyed dude here* sure wish she would have picked a better time. Oh well maybe we will put him to work!! HAHAHAHA!!!

So I don't know ladies, I may not get much time to update...but well really not much else to tell...yet.

Anyone got exciting plans for the weekend? I sure don't unless being up to my armpits in paint, and putty counts. LOL

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Monday, April 26, 2004

I'm back!!! Whew, after feeling like something the cat dragged in...I am now 100% (whatever that may be) So it is back to work, after missing 2 days last week, HHMMMM don't know IF that is good LOL, I always feel a bit lost after missing work.

New stuff going on? Well we picked the color scheme for our room...light teal with dark turquise(sp?) accents...the material for the curtains is AWSOME, me and my friend/landlord went and picked it out prolly today after work, we are gunna empty out our dressers and start the painting process them.....which should be cool. And we now have sheet rock, to putty...and will start painting the room, and then putting in the floor...and BAAAM I will be in a new room. :D So I am hoping to dig up some money and get us new compliment this. I think with the Teal color, we will go with a beach theme...kinda funny as I live pretty close to the beach, won't be to hard to find accessories for this theme. So what ya all think? this should turn out pretty least I am hoping it will!!!!

So hey have a great monday ladies!!!

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Saturday, April 24, 2004

Well after spending the last 2 days in bed, going between freezing, and sweating...don't ya just love what fevers do to ya...I am feeling much better today, just a slight headache, and minor sore throat. AAAHHHHH, this I can handle, the body aches...I AM SUCH A WUSS!!! LOL

The rain is finally starting to lighten up which makes my mood all the lighter also. So today, after my bath...I grab my slip on tennies, and bathrobe...and survey my garden, what a mess that is, but nothing that a few clips here and there won't cure. Goodness, I forget what it was like to care about my plants....One of my favorite parts of the weekend is taking a cup of coffee, and a cig and cruising around my plants. This is an escape, and I really missed it.

So to tie my friendship thread to this one, I did forget to mention a few people...wooops sorry, it was just that those 4 people I had mentioned had been weighing heavy on my mind, and yesterday I get a call from my childhood friend, gosh I met her in 1st grade and her home became my "home away from home." I didn't have all the brothers and sisters to contend with(as I did in my own home) and her and I did some really fun things (I think I already mentioned her sorry to repeat) well anyways she is back here in town, called me up, she will be here for a few weeks, and is hoping we will get together. See sad thing is her Dad is dying...this man has lived a hard life, and acohol has played a majory part in that. But still I feel bad for the pain this family that has to suffer with this. I will be glad to see her, but not glad for the reason that brought her back home. *sad sigh* Anyhow I was very happy to hear from her, and I am sure her and I will get together a couple of times that she is here.

Anyhow I do want to express my appologies for not mentioning the other people I have made friends with via the net.....some of you I have talked to off and on for years, and some I am just now getting to know, your views and opinions are important to me also, but as I said before (or meant to) the bond of friendship with these 4 ladies have seen me through some serious(and not so serious) shit so again, I say all of you are important to me and I sure hope I didn't put anyone off.

Hugs (not to close don't want to give ya the crud)

Now I will be getting my house cleaned up, as when mama is sick it all goes to hell in a handbasket!! :) HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND ALL!!!!

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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Ok, I will try a stab at political stuff, mind you I am not very good at this, but here goes, Michael Jackson is indicted by a grand jury according to my yahoo home page:

Anywho, anyone suprised by this? NO? you say. This is so rediculous words can't even describe how stupid this is. I mean that if a "regular joe smoe" had done this, would there be a question...UMMM nope, so basically this says to me, that if you got money and public standing it is ok to violate children like this? WTF is wrong with society in genral that views this as ok. I hope he rots in jail!!!!

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3:30 am and I have been up for an hour~~siiiiigh, yep sick again. Throat is on fire, head about ready to burst. and to top that off I have a dentist appointment today.....wonder IF anyone reads these posts. Not that I blame anyone, most of the time I am just feeling sorry for myself....*rolley eyed dude* here.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

This week hasn't been too terribly bad...nor has it been great, I guess just another week. Which really is a good thing. I am trying really hard to just think positive lately, cause I sure could dwell on the negative.

My thoughts go to friendships, here lately. My mom used to tell me. In life you have 2 really great friends. I believe this, and I have been blessed to have 4 women (friends) that stand out in my memory. My first friend, was/is my childhood friend...LOL I used to "live" at her house..she now lives in Alaska, I miss her, but don't know if we would see things the way we used to. My second friend on this list, is a lady that I am still close friends with, although our relationship has been "strained" at times...I know she will always be there if I should need someone.

Now the last two ladies I will mention are my two closest friends, One lives here in town...she is the most positive person I have ever met, and just in genral a peach of a gal. The other lives across the country, and can put a smile on my face no matter what the occasions...I am a better person cause of the friendship these two offer me.

I really don't know what my point is to all this, but somehow I am sure I will figure it out today...I guess it is just this: I have been hearing about alot of one sided friendships(through the chain of blogs I have read) and I tell ya this: I would not trade any of the "true" friends I have (now and in the past) to be the most popular person in the world. I guess I just wanted to shed some light on some of the issues surrounding "one sided" friendships. Girls you gotta know in your gut which people "will be there" and which ones won't. I have experienced these one sided friendships, and I tell ya it is sooo not worth it. How do I know this, cause I also have been very fortunate to have the real thing. Anyhow, I guess I was/am feeling all mushy right about now....LOL and for those of you how know me the mushy stuff makes me a bit uncomfortable, not that I don't feel it, I just have a hard time expressing it. I guess bottom line is, never take for granted your "true friends" the ones who can bring a smile to your face, and the ones you don't mind doing a favor for, cause they are so great to you. Anyhow....(diz clears throat) LOL, I just wanted to say a huge THANKS to all who have stuck by me, and listened!!!

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Monday, April 19, 2004

Rain, rain go away, come back another all know that saying. And I swear to you it must have been made up in Oregon...goodness it has done nothing but rain. Only consalation is that it really isn't that cold. That and my plants are getting LOTS of water and I mean LOTS!!! The rain factor is made worse cause we get a nice day thrown in every so often, just to tease...LOL.

Weekend was pretty ok too, had a nice evening with Joey (alone) and then babysat, was pretty funny. My friend's son is cute very cute...although he is 3 mother nature is kind, cause you forget the crap that 3 year olds pull(in time mind you) The we played a game for chores and my son actually picked the kitchen...and it looks pretty dang good this morning!!! Nice Job Brando.

AAAHHHH monday morning, and I am contiplating getting ready for work, wonder what the week will bring?? All good I hope!!

On another note, my bedroom is still torn apart, and now the hubby and I are sharing the living room couches...GGGRRRRR I will be sooo happy when it is all done!!! I can't complain I will be getting a new room in the process, but I sure want my bed back. Not to mention my dressers/and closet. I really don't like feeling displaced. I am also hoping to get a small sitting area in the deal too, a place where I can put a small TV(for when football season comes) and a place I can read, with a rocking chair. Ok now important question: What color and or theme do we pick...hey feel free to throw out any ideas?

Hey all have a GREAT monday!!!

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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Hehehehe another funny thing I forgot to tell ya, in my last HUGE entry. Ok gotta set this up a bit (sorry I know I ramble on and on) Well as you all know I have teens My daughter is 15 and my son is 13, well Amanda aka: Miss Manners has been boy crazy forever, so that is not a surprise (I made a decision last month ago, about her that some of you may agree with some may not) anyhow it has to do with birth control...anyhow so my son Brandon aka Brando now has a girlfriend, I am hoping nothing to serious (at this age of course it isn't but he might think it is) ok so him and are talking about him, and heidi....He says Heidi might loose a friend of hers I am not sure what that is all about, but I guess my son decides to "cheer her up" and or fix I tell him, sometimes son you can't fix it all you can do is offer her a hug, and say you are sorry, be a comfort to her. Well, he says he did, and "oh yeah, I did kiss her on the cheek a couple of times." he blushes, and all....I don't deel with the kiss on the cheek, just tell him, you know your sister and I have had "the talk" is it time for us? Do I need to start thinking about condoms for you? Now mind you him and I haven't talked about this (he lacks the maturity IMO to be thinking about this) And I add to this, UMMMM Brandon, do you even know how to put one on...OMG...his ears turned red...I am trying so hard to be serious....and I say well kiddo if you are old enough to be thinking about it, you are old enough to be talking to me about it. So he says, "well mom, I am not old enough." It was a funny, bonding moment. Although me talking about sex with my kids is very hard, I am so trying to have an open relationship with them. Anyhow I have no fears with him.....YET.

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Saturday morning finds me sitting here in front of this thing....I am soon off here to go take a bath and get my house cleaned up, just to have it thrashed again...LOL all in a day I guess.

Yesterday, I had a meeting with my mentor (a very nice woman who is helping me get my CDA) she is wonderful...we were suppose to be talking about getting my materials ready for my CDA, but being that my bedroom is now in my living room(something I forgot to mention)and I can't find any of my materials. Our bedroom is being expanded, so my livingroom along with all my normal furniture that is usually there now has my bedroom stuff.....siiiiigh. And I sit here sneezing my head off cause of the dust. Oh well as I said earlier all in a day, will be wonderful to have my bedroom expanded, and be able to have a small sitting and vanity area, in my room. Will give me more room in my bathroom, to get some of my stuff out of there, and will make it harder for my daughter to access all my things ie: my make-up, my fingernail, toenail polish, and materials...all that stuff that she thinks is "free game" I don't mind sharing, but I do mind having to hunt my stuff down everytime I want to do a pedicure(anyone know how to break of someone of taking off with your stuff?) LOL, I know you all are prolly tired of me ranting about my daughter....but that is pet peeve of mine...her using all my stuff and not putting it back, and or leaving it in her room with the caps off. But as I said, she is feeling much better....she is spending the weekend with a girlfriend, something she hasn't done in awhile...and she actually called us last night to "chat" and make sure we know she is ok...this is something she hasn't done in awhile. So I did have to smile about that.

Anyhow back to my meeting, instead of talking about my CDA we ended up talking about my work....and I have definate answers to that, or at least a place to start. So this is a good thing, a really good thing, and I am feeling alot better about it all.

On to the funny thing that happened yesterday, OMG...I get home and only my son and hubby are mind you girl child hasn't been away from home in a LOOOONG time, and truth be told, when the kids are away the adults will play (meaning Joey and I get to have some quality time) only problem was yesterday, boy child was still I know all of this sounds really bad, but weeeeell me and Joey haven't had a evening alone in gosh I don't remember how I am trying to drop hints to my 13 year old son...Geee Brandon, uuuummm so when you spend the night with one of your friends, do ya all just invite yourselves over or what? Course he didn't get it, then finally I say, Brandon, I love ya.....and love spending time with ya...but ya know you dad and I haven't had anytime alone....he gets all red and goes, OHHH ok...LMAO So then he calls his friend, and starts joking around with us. But adds, "i am gunna be worried about you guys." Now I am thinking, OHHH child please don't worry bout I know what we will be doing...LOL. :D

Anyhow, the evening was good, had a couple of drinks, a nice dinner, and well our quality time....anyhow, time for me to move on today, sorry for the long ramble, but that is how my life goes, all blurry and rambled....HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND FOLKS!!!

love and hugs to ya all!!!!

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Friday, April 16, 2004

You know what, I just put in a pretty long post and I forgot to wish ya all a happy friday, woooops, so ok here it is:

HAPPY FRIDAY PEOPLE!! Hope your day finds you all in good sprits, and feeling great! :)

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Friday, HHHMMMM so not much going on today. Work was a bummer yesterday....I don't know by the end of the week I am so worn out....siiiiigh. So much for positive thinking.

I guess my thing is I am so tired of people not listening to me...but hey on a good note, my daughter's mood has improved so much. It is nice to see her joking and laughing. I think what happened(at least I hope this is it) school was overwhelming her so bad, and she was telling us...course being the "great" parents we are we were like, honey you can do it, just do it...blah blah would think with as old as my kids are I would have figured this out....but nope, anyhow the tudoring is going very well...she is managing to get all her homework done, and sometimes with time to spare, YIIIIPPPEEEE Leson for the day, listen when they talk and try and take action. Anyhow I know life won't be super easy, but it is a step in the right direction for her, I so hope this is what it will take to turn her around. I love hearing her laugh, and joke around with us.....I so missed that!!!

Friday, everyone says...ooohhh aren't you glad it is the end of the week, truth be told fridays are my worst day, kids at work are done(by thursday night) they are so worn out and tired, and I can't blame them. But society being what it is, both parents pretty much have to work(if you are a double income household) and well as we all know if you are a single income household it is just all that much harder. Siiiiiiigh, I sure wish I could fix the whole screwed up system, that makes it where parents can't stay home with their kids. (for myself and my working life) but who am I to decide this? yep you got it, no one, so it is off to work I go.

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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Thursday...yiiiipeeee, all that much closer to the weekend. Although mine is gunna be kinda differnt. I promised a friend of mine I would baby sit...she has a 3 year old, and a 13 year old. The 3 year old is one of the best preschoolers I have seen, but he is still 3. Course since we(Joe and I) deal with differnt problems pertaining to kids, we can find more humor in our friends kid's antics. HEHEHEHE, he is a real cutie, but 3 none the less. So I am sure, I will be wore out. It has been raining here off and on(true spring weather) so the poor boy will not get a chance to go outside, unless the rain lets I gotta find something for him to do.....HHHMMMMM I see a trip to McDonalds in the near furture just to let him play in toy land. Or maybe outdoor-in (this is a place specially built for preschoolers with all the little tyke toys and big slide, and bouncy castle.) Gosh, I forget how to entertain a little one. :)

Today is PJ day at work, yep girls I get to go to work in my jammies....OOOHHH brother I know one day on the drive to work I am gunna get stopped in my Jammies...LMAO it actually did happen to one of my co-workers a couple of years back...hehehehehe!! Bet the police man had to wonder what this grown woman was doing in PJs at 6:30 at night. We also have an evening meeting, so that means I get to be at my place of work for about 12 hours...makes for one looooong day. Thank god these night meeting are only once a month. But I think today, I will take extra clothes, and maybe go shopping in between the time I get off work, and the meeting. I need to pick up a few and there.

Ok now here is the big question, who is willing to help me spruse up my place here....pretty dull and boring if ya ask any takers? Maybe tomorrow night, or early Sat morn. But remember I am VERY computer illerate, so ya know you might be pulling out your hair with me. Terri did offer, but so far we have been having more fun just chattin...LOL. OHHH how she makes me laugh!!

Anyhow girls(and guys if any are reading) have a wonderful day...and remember, stay positive. This is going to become my new motto in life, hell it beats being all depressed all the time!!!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Yep, wednesday...the mid week day...yep today is gunna be a good day. I don't know why I feel this way, but hey so far my week can only improve. On the adgenda today...UUUMMM not much, just work, home to do laundry...and exercize...I really have to get back into that mode again, I feel so much better when I do exercize, so no more excuses..I am gunna do it!!!! HAVE A GREAT DAY GALS!!!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Gosh I forgot to post! Course I guess I don't have to post everyday.....but I think I will. HHHMMMM let's see, ok lead teacher gone today which = very loud class. I think I need to get me another job, well maybe maybe not, be rolling this one around for a long long time. I still keep asking myself how does one really know if "this is it for jobs"

Then all my daughter's stuff...I am seriously worried but can't really do much but hang on for the ride...siiiigh!! Why they hell don't they tell you about this kinda shit when you start getting all staried eyed (thinking about babies) course they prolly did and I didn't listen. No really I wouldn't trade either one of them for the world....but mother hood really bites at times (As in right now, I just had to remind her for like the 4th time to get the math done) good lord that child!!!!

Anyhow and to top a really great week off, my back is giving me fits....lord does it get any better than this?

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Monday, April 12, 2004

ok so work was work...still don't know IF I really want to stay there...but that is another loooong story.

After work today, I spent an hour in my daughter's guidance counselor's office, to be let in on the fact...that well she is now paying for all the social games she so loves to play. She has to pass all her classes, and has to make up some in summer school and/or school to work program. Yep folks summer is gunna suck!!! She is not to thrilled, neither am I. I wonder how long I am gunna have to hold her hand here, she is a freshman in high school, ya think she would understand that one has to do the homework and all that other "fun" stuff. And I find out that she is being late to her 5th period class again, she was awarded an in school suspension last time (well that and she got caught skipping) Good lord, I sooo love this girl.

I guess at everyone's life they get wake up calls, guess this is hers. I sure hope she heeds it. Good note we are looking into a tudor....and she can still make stuff up, but bad note if she doesn't get on the ball, and soon she will have to go back as a "super senior" these are people who don't have enough credits to get their diplomas....I sure hope it doesn't come down to that. My poor girl, she is so like me it is not even funny!! what is a mom to do?

Hope everyone's monday was good. Yes? No? maybe?

Elizabeth blogged at 5:48 PM

Monday morning....AAAAGGGG another week starts today. HHHMMMMM don't know how I feel about that, cept monday's always seem sleepy. Yep up at the crack of dawn again. I am hoping today is a good day, we will see.

Easter wrapped up with us playing a family game and lots of laughs. My kids I tell ya, they got blessed with humor...prolly from the hubby. My son gets up after winning the game, and does a perfect Jim Carry impersonation, you know the "can you feel that" thing he does in Liar Liar...OMG I about burst something laughing so hard. And my daughter says something funny to me as I am drinking, hey girl that was pretty dangerous, as I have been known to spew(well not really but almost.

Not much to write about this morning.....I do hope all of ya have a great Monday thought.....till after work then. [:)]

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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Hey, I hope everyone's easter was good!! Mine was a sleepy day, I don't know guess getting up at the crack of dawn everyday catches up with me. I took a very long nap this afternoon, just now getting pretty soon I gotta go make a pasta salad to go with dinner, bar b que chicken, and pasta salad...YUMMY.

Not much today has gone on.....but that is ok too, somedays we just need to sleep a little!! or alot depending on the case.

Elizabeth blogged at 4:23 PM

Basically I have 3 issues in my life. So I am gunna open this as 3 seperate posts. the first being my daughter...god I love this girl, but man the teen years can we say, already tired of all of it, yep I can say it!! this girl is the bright spot in my life, but wooozers I don't remember life being so damn complicated at her age. She is 15 and I tell ya, she is very high mantanance, but that is what makes her so special.

Her big problem is we live out of town, in the country, and she gets sooo board out here. Well, ok so what can I do to help? Last night we got the tears cause there wasn't anything to do. We rented movies, ya think she would join us....NOPE! But when I get paid I sure am her best friend....siiiigh (rolley eyed dude here) I don't know girls, this post can go on and on, and prolly will LOL. Anyone know what to do with teens...we got a looong summer coming up. They will have to be home while I am at work, course I could quit work, to run them around, oh yeah I can't cause then I won't have any money...HELP!!! :)

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Well really this is yesterdays post. But I am having such a hard time figuring this out, that I was not sure if people wanted to read this or anything.

So we went to town, and i got more flowers...and yes deer repelent (sure hope it works) all this time and money spent, for deer food now that would just suck.

So we get 5 rose plants, and some forget me not seeds. The forget me not seeds are sorta a tribute to my husband's grandma...she died last year and his mom sent a packet down for them to plant at her grave. It was sorta neet, IMO the son and the grandkids planting the seeds the daughter sent down, for her mom's grave. I really think she would have loved that.

Then on the other side I have pansys...sorta a tribute to my grandmother....when we were kids, she used to have patches of them, and the floatie bowls that you put them in after they are picked. I always have pansys....anyhow, my garden is least I hope so. I could always try and squeeze more in...LMAO I am so bad, I sorta went all glassy eyed yesterday, my daughter had to grab me by the arm and said "OK mom, time to go...we are going now, MOM!" hehehehe it is so much fun.

Along with the Pansys and the forget me nots, I have 2 geraniums, and 3 primrose plants, and a ton of carnation plants, allysum(the dark purple kind) and petunias, and is great, maybe just maybe I can get a picture up here...yeah right...I can't even begin to figure out the comments part, yet...but I will.

OHHH yeah, just a note, yesterday was so hot...we go into town, and read the theromostat at the bank...82 noon. Whew, I can't believe of course we get home and it is a little hotter, WOW this is great!! But of course the weather forcast is gearing up for clouds later in the week. But that is ok too. Anyhow, I have rambled on and on, hope no one falls asleep here!! Later people!!!

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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Ok I am not sure here if that was where the titles asked about titles then came up URL...HMMMM not to sure on this??

Elizabeth blogged at 5:52 AM

Ok, people I am not sure how this all works, but I did decide to go into the world of blogs. Now I need color, and all that fun gadgets. Be kind to me as I learn how all this works. Hope all will enjoy their reading here, if not just move along. :)

Elizabeth blogged at 5:29 AM